User Interface

Interface of the FM Genie Scout is close to the traditional Football Managerâ„¢ interface. It is for you to adapt faster to the program.

Main Window

In the main window there are player, staff, club lists, your shortlist, main menu, control panel and additional information.
You can change the columns displayed either by clicking on the list or in the properties. Using 'Columns' in the menu, you can save their order.

Player Search

There are 6 categories in this department: basic information, contract, technical, mental, physical&other attributes and preferred moves. Each category is divided into groups.

Staff Search

In the staff search departament you may also see 5 categories: main information, training rating, coaching and mental attributes, techincal and non-technical attributes and other.

Club Search and Filter By Squad

You can search the club by basic information, reputation, finances, rating etc.
When you filter the list by squad, you may not only choose the club, but also national team.
You can save the search filters for players, clubs and staff.

Player Information

There are 7 categories: profile, transfer information, positions, general rating, positional rating, Genie's report and history.

Profile. Shows basic personal information, all the attributes, reputation, physical condition, recovery time. You can also see the player's potential attributes here.
Transfer Information. Main information about the contract, loan, transfer and squad statuses.
Positions. Best positions and preferred moves.
General Rating. Displays the rating which is based on the attributes only (does not depend on the position).
Positional Rating. Displays the player's rating on a particular position.
Genie's Report. Displays main information about the player: best played positions, comparison with other players, pros and cons and the selling value of this player
History. You can follow the change of the player's attributes during the savegame duration if you do save the history points.
In the lower right corner there is action menu, with which you can compare chosen players, add/remove them to/from your shortlist.

Player Comparison

Overview. Basic player information.
Attributes. All the attributes, including goalkeeping and potential, are held here.
Positions. Positions comparison.
General Rating and Positional Rating. Comparison of the mentioned ratings.

Staff Information

Profile. Basic information, including attributes, reputation, age and training rating.
Hidden attributes. All the other attributes which are not avalible in Football Manager.
Rating. This person's rating depending on his job.

Club Information

Information. All the basic information about the club.
Finances and Kit. Financial information and all the team's equipment kits.
Tactics. Shows the optimal starting squad with any of the standard tactics and the best 5 tactics for this team (depending on the chosen Condition barrier).