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Resource Archiver for FM 2010

Handy FM 2009 tool that actually works for FM 2010
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Resource Archiver for FM 2010

Starting with Football Manager 2008, SI has added the ability to package up groups of game resources into single files, known as Resource Archives.
This means that skins, facepacks and the like can be distributed as single files. An obvious side-effect of this is that you can't just look inside a pack like you could with a folder.

People in the FM community who make skins and other add-ons need a way to unpack these archives so that they can examine or modify their contents, and they also need a way to create new packs.

The Resource Tool allows them to do this.

A .pdf user guide is included in this download.


Resource Archiver Tool
Version 1.2

Brought to you by the tools and technology team. Please send feedback to: [email protected]

Copyright (C) 2008 Sports Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

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