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Fm Genie Scout for Mac with CrossOver

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What you need:
CrossOver Games -
(this is what i use, I guess the regular CrossOver would work as well as Wine). (You can borrow CrossOver Games from the internet, google is your friend ;)

FM Genie Scout, download it from (extract zip-file to a convenient place).

Install CrossOver Games and start the application, create a new bottle ("manage bottles" in the Configure-meny). To create a new bottle, just click the "+" icon in the lower left corner and name the bottle to whatever you want.

Then click on the applications-tab for your new bottle.

You will now see a "install Software..." button, click it.

Click the "Install unsupported Software..." button.

Click "continue"

Use the existing bottle that you created earlier and click continue

Click the "Choose installer file"-icon and locate the "FMGenieScout.exe" file, mark it and then click "Use this installer".

This will now start the FM Genie Scout on your Mac. To get rid of the CrossOver Software Installer-window i just click "Force installer completion" --> Complete Installer and then "finish".

This is not a perfect solution but it works, I have to do it every time i want to start the Scout but it takes less then a minute.

Good Luck and enjoy! I'll be happy to answer any questions.


Discussion on "Fm Genie Scout for Mac with CrossOver"

macooz2009-11-19 16:39
I've never tried Crossover Pro.. Sounds strange that it wouldn't create a bottle.. Do you get some kind of error message? Try email CodeWeavers...

gooner4life2009-11-18 21:58
uh.. do u think it would work on crossover pro?? its not creating a bottle tho, waited for over 15 mins....

Silvergreen2009-11-15 09:47
it works now, it worked when i closed it and tryed again:-)

macooz2009-11-15 00:08

Have you got FM Genie Scout 2010 started with CrossOver ?

have you un-tick "Compress Save Games", hit Confirm and save your game again? And then tryed to load the savegame again?

Silvergreen2009-11-14 20:50
hmm i push the load button but nothing is happening:(

kenneth22009-11-13 01:16
hehe..sorry...but yes..i had forgoten to untic compress save game..

thanks for the tip!!

macooz2009-11-12 23:49
I think stam gave you the answer to your question... but if not, then explain more in detail your problem.. :chevvoi

Group Stam2009-11-12 23:01
I'm sick of saying this again and again, but did you forget to un-tick "Compress Save Games", hit Confirm and save your game again... then load it up.

kenneth22009-11-12 22:41
it doest work for´s just loading people...any tips ?

Group Stam2009-11-11 22:41
Thanks mate! :beer

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