FM Graphics Guru 1.1

The new FM Graphics Config.xml editor creator and manager

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FM Graphics Guru 1.1
FM Graphics Guru 1.1
By NabaDwA

The new config.xml editor that can do almost anything you need to do with your config.xml files to add all your graphics to Football Manager.

Unlike the commonly used FM XML and FMGConfigurator, FM Graphics Guru is not only a Config.xml generator, but also a config.xml editor. You can edit and change all the details of all the records simultaneously.

  • Make and edit config files for logos, faces, backgrounds, titlebars and kits
  • Auto Generate config.xml files
  • Add images to existing or new config files
  • Remove images from a config file
  • Preview backgrounds and images existing in a config file
  • Determine which records are faulty and which images do not exist
  • Set all records in a config file to the same type and size
  • Edit individual records in a config file, changing ID number, file name, image size and type
  • Edit config.xml files manually with basic editor


Please PM me or comment in this page if you need help or you find any glitches or errors.

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Downloads: 5408 / Size: 2.0 kB / Added: 2009-26-11


Discussion on "FM Graphics Guru 1.1"

  • Stam's avatar
    @NabaDwA: Sounds great mate! Looking forward to that ;)
  • NabaDwA's avatar
    new version out soon!
  • Stam's avatar
    updated the download link, now hosted on megaupload. sharebee had too many annoying popups and popunders ffs.
  • vanpegg's avatar
    Hiya, I seem to be having difficulty in finding the config.xml file my game is using. Neither of the 2 I can find seem to have any information in them for me to edit!
    What path should I be looking at? :con

    Many thanks :D
  • NabaDwA's avatar