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Mesut Özil (Werder Bremen) - AMLC

21 years old
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Mesut Özil (Werder Bremen) - AMLC
Trust me he is good

he is the kinda player if he is in a 100percent shooting position he will shoot but if he isnt he rather passes than shoots

young and has good stats cheap but Werder Bremen wouldent just give him away for cheap unless his contract is outa date or some other reason

in transfer month it was the last day and the last 30mins so i accepted the Negotion price of 30M

but he is worth it.. i am allready his faveourte perssonel and plus he likes being tutored by other players

Overall Good Buy!!! :zito


Discussion on "Mesut Özil (Werder Bremen) - AMLC"

Daneo1232010-09-03 19:31
Read the quick comment i posted :)

macdab552010-09-03 16:26
i never had him or i never played against him but if he is as good as in really life then in my opinion he is worth buying :D

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