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Free Players in FM 2011

All the free agents in a downloadable shortlist
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A quick filter that get us to all the free players in FM 2011. I mean players who don't belong to any team and be signed for free. The filter resulted in 2711 players, and here you can download the shortlist including them all. However, I have manually picked the best of them and wrote them down on the list below.

Updated: 15 Nov 2010
Released: 22 Oct 2010

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Most notable free agents in FM2011:


- Dida (36)
- Timo Ochs (28)
- Alberto Fontana (43)
- Sebastian Cejas (35)

Defenders Center:

- Danny Shittu (29)
- Calum Davenport (27)
- Andy Butler (26)
- Izzy Iriekpen (28)
- Sam Sodje (31)
- Jay DeMerit (30)
- Radhanfah Abu Bakr (23)
- Pele (32)

Wing Back Right:

- Steve Finnan (34)
- Derek Geary (30)
- Liam Rosenior (25)
- Kerrea Gilbert (23)
- Yassin Moutaouakil (23)
- Ben Hoskin (19)
- David Cowan (28)

Wing Back Left:

- Sylvinho (36)
- Michael Ball (30)
- Joe Martin (21)

Defensive Midfielders:

- Gavin Mahon (33)
- Gavin McCann (32)
- Anderson Silva (27)
- Andranik Teymourian (27)

Attacking Midfielders:

- Robert Pires (36)
- Quinton Fortune (33)
- Yildiray Basturk (31)
- Simone Barone (32)
- Bryan Hughes (34)
- Chris James (23)
- Ali Fuseini (21)
- Nicky Travis (23)

Wingers Right:

- Oliver Kapo (29)
- Fabrice Pancrate (30)
- Bernard Mendy (28)
- Andy van der Meyde (30)

Wingers Left:

- Dave van den Bergh (34)


- Darius Vassell (30)
- Jeremie Aliadiere (27)
- Febian Brandy (21)
- Omar Koroma (20)

- Julio Cruz (35)
- Guillermo Franco (33)
- Peter Styvar (29)
- Marko Livaja (16)
- Benedict Akwuegbu (35)

If you can find some more quality players on that list (or from another quickstart), please comment and I will try to populate this list of most notable free agents.


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Discussion on "Free Players in FM 2011"

leetomlinson2011-06-15 16:23
Joe Mckee on the updated versions

khaosgott2011-05-25 14:06
Ahmed Soukouna (Fast Striker)
Alexander N'Gadi (AMR/C)

JoeCAFC932011-05-11 16:40
Styvar is good for a season but then he starts getting rubbish

Mergim2011-05-06 18:49
I downloaded the shortlist and then filtered out unrealistic targets.
Im managing a Albanian tier 2 club.
I only got 1 player after filtering out :(

skybluecocking2011-04-18 12:44
if you want two players to loan in for league 1 clubs or lower, get Nathan Cameron or Stephan O'Halloran

scarhead932011-02-22 11:09
junior agogo. got him for chesterfield just before january. was top scorer in the leauge n ended up gettin promoted via playoffs, also got Ze To from angola

prophet_omar2011-02-21 19:29
I've signed Peter Luccin for Nottingham Forest for free and he has made quite an impact so far (christmass time of first season) either as DMC or MC... Average rating is 7.55!

yasin_evrim2011-02-20 19:46
yildiray basturk is good choice but player must all time first team

Covalistic2011-02-20 12:47
Yoann Arquin is a great player for any championship side as he is my top goalscorer at coventry with 22 goals and 15 assists, another good buy is kim won-sik, a south korean 18 year old but has scored 10 goals and he is a defender. Can't remember if he is free or not though

kuywan2011-01-13 15:26
thank you

Núncio2011-01-05 14:07
josé gonçalves and rivaldo are free

MKAddick2011-01-02 22:27
I will give a mention to Chris James, a 23 year old New Zealand central midfielder. Signed him for nothing and he has been superb.

Group Stam2010-12-30 00:45
Thanks for your recommendations guys.
I really need to revise this list, but I'm out of time for now.

doda2010-12-29 22:54
Pierre Wome,good player for mid-table teams in top 5 leagues,quality player for best teams in some lagues like Serbia Superleague,Cyprys....

cm-tsigalko2010-12-19 16:31
check out soukouna as a free st

counterattack2010-12-19 15:41
Try these:
Nicolae Mitea
Szilárd Németh

marin872010-12-08 20:44
Marko Babic is good free WBL,check him!

RZ2010-12-08 12:33
You have to get Jose Goncalves on this list man. Only 24 years old and a brilliant central defender.

vivalaheroin2010-12-06 22:55
thanks for the explanation in the 1st post mate nice one!

dexter_k2010-12-05 14:58
For those who want to know how to import, click the dropdown marked as your manager name, then search, and shortlist

From there, on the right, select Shortlists and Import Shortlist


chico2010-11-23 22:55
how can i use this slf file?

MKAddick2010-11-23 12:25
I found Peter Svystar pretty useful too.

skyblueE2010-11-22 20:24
@ wrecsam Where is this shortlist dropmenu and where is this IMPORT?

MKAddick2010-11-18 09:41
Some big names there. I'd love to see Andy Van der Meyde in a Charlton shirt lol!

crd1232010-11-17 19:58
i have done that bt still cnt find it

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