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  • i would like to now what people have found as good tactics and for what teams. so here post your
    How well your doing

  • Juventus


    4 DEFENDERS (zebina, chiellini, cannavaro, grosso)
    1 DM (marchisio)
    2 CM (diego, cameronesi)
    3 ST (trezeguet, amauri, walcott)

    won 6/8
    drawn 1
    lost 1

  • Liverpool


    Defenders : Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, Nicolás Otamendi, Emiliano Insua
    CM : Jérémy Toulalan, Javier Mascherano
    LW : David Silva
    RW : Ashley Young
    CAM : Steven Gerrard
    ST : Fernando Torres

    Games Played : 29
    Won : 21
    Drew : 7
    Loss : 1

    FeRnAnDo ToRReS LiVeRpOoLs NuMbEr 9!

  • Bristol City


    3 Centre Backs, Louis Carey, Jamie McCombe & Liam Fontaine
    2 Wing Backs, Bradley Orr (right) & Jamie McAllister (left)
    2 Centre Midfielders, Evander Sno & Marvin Elliot
    1 Attacking Midfielder, Gavin Williams
    2 Strikers, David Clarkson & Alvaro Saborio
    Games played: 46
    Won: 20
    Drew: 16
    Lost: 10
    Final League Position: 2nd

    bristol city Home and Away 12/13

  • where did you get the money for tat team cos i started with liverpool and the budget is bad?
    wat season u in?

  • Sparky Dunne : where did you get the money for tat team cos i started with liverpool and the budget is bad?
    wat season u in?

    2nd Season, but I sold alot of 'unused' players eg; Lucas, Babel, Kuyt for like 10m+ Each

    FeRnAnDo ToRReS LiVeRpOoLs NuMbEr 9!

  • I mix up my formations depending on players available and the opposition, and make full use of the touchline shouts. This edition is by far the best for tactics, with no "Diablo" cheat. As long as you pick a back 4, any sensible Mid/Att combo has potential to work.

  • For my Panathinaikos AO team i use 4-1-3-2

    GK - Lung Jr if i remember correctly

    DL - diego renan CB - Sakho CB - Thiago Heleno DR - Ronald Riascos

    DMC - Miguel Veloso

    ML - Emmanuelson MC - Fellaini MR - Ninis

    FC - Lewandowski ST - Neymar

    I am at 2013 now and have won Uefa two times in a row and ofc i am winner of the Greek league and cup from the start :)

  • how did you get sakho? i paid 24 M (i'm arsenal)

  • Both Sakho and Veloso wanted to come after i got my first Uefa. I paid like 30m for him tho :)

  • damn,didn't know that panathinaikos are that rich :D

  • Sadly they are not :( But w/o doing any transfers the first season and selling some players i have 32M remaining to spend atm.
    Players under 24 who have a potential more than 150 can be easily sold for good money as i see.

  • i agree on that one,i sold walcot to man city for 30 M

  • Fiorentina 1st season 4-4-2
    GK : Frey
    DC : Gamberini and Felipe (14,5M Euro from Udinese)
    DR/DL : Commoto, Pasqual
    ML/MC/MR : Vargas, Zanetti, Montolivo, Jorgensen
    ST : Mutu/Gilardino

    Games Played : 38 (1st season in Serie A)
    Won : 31
    Draw : 5
    Lost : 2

    Scudetto Serie A


  • sunderland 442
    2nd season
    11th position in EPL (although all pundit believe my team will be relegated:D)

    GK silviu lung (cheap and promising)
    DR Beletti (chelsea sold it at lower prize)
    DL Paul dixon (young and promising)
    DC Waldo ponce (free tranfer!!1 good for lower team)
    DC turner
    MR sergey krivets (cheap and very good!!!!! u should look it)
    ML Andrew driver (dramatically increasing attributes and of coz cheap!!!!)
    MC loric cana
    Mc cattermole
    FC Ronaldo (fat ronaldo!!! still good!!! free transfer!!!)
    FC Bent