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  • im in the conference and im struggling for good strikers
    any help???

  • loan from league two, league one teams?

    loans are one of the best ways imo.

    Stam shows me a pics of his weddings(his wife signing papers), i comment on his wife:
    ME: she is lovely mate
    ME: well done ;)
    Stam: yeah, I signed her to my team lol
    Stam: she's a bargain, low wage :P

  • i cant use any more than 5 tho and atm ive got all 5 in my match day squad
    any good free players???

  • Try to get Willy Topp (I think that's his name). I signed him for Exeter City in League 1 and he did ok but was more suited to League 2 or Conference I reckon. He is in the England Trialists if that helps.

    Other than that, I can't really help much sorry. My player knowledge is next to useless (I'm even half sure somebody will reply to this and say Topp is a waste of time, but he was good for me :yes)

    Hope I've been at least some assistance.