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A Journey to the Stars

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Balik's avatar Group Balik 2017-04-21 17:13
dk 227 posts 33 likes joined Sep 02, 2014
When Napoli come to our home, we chasing them naked! Great Domestic run but decent Europe start. BTW Sorry about the start of the you have any spare clothes? They threw it into the sea
Jim's avatar Group Jim 2017-04-21 17:24
gr 43 posts joined Jan 11, 2016
2017-04-21 20:13#241823 Balik : When Napoli come to our home, we chasing them naked! Great Domestic run but decent Europe start. BTW Sorry about the start of the you have any spare clothes? They threw it into the sea

I'm in for that :D Thanks for the nice comment (<3), and I can buy you anything you like.. ;)
Jim's avatar Group Jim 2017-04-23 17:46
gr 43 posts joined Jan 11, 2016

October Review

Greek Superleague

Levadeiakos - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

Their first goal came at the 9th when Gori tripped Niasse inside the box and Milhazes scored from the spot sending the keeper the wrong way. Their 2nd goal came at the 89th minute, when Cissokho lost the ball in the centre, resulting into a great team goal scored by Chumbinho. Overall, our side played really badly having just 43% of the possession and completing just 266 passes. We had only 2 shots on target and our players had an average rating of 6.54. So yeah, we played really sh*t on this game.

Olympiakos - PAS Giannina

Manager's Comments

First chance came at the 4th minute for Giannina when Acosta passed to Giakos who let the ball pass under his feet to find Maboulou, who had a powerful shot resulting in Leali stretching to get his hands on the ball. 13 minutes in, our defence was sleeping which let Giakos find Maboulou inside the box, who with a powerful shot, sent the ball in the bar and in resulting in a 0-1 lead for Giannina. 5 minutes later, a great team play led to Maniero shooting from outside the box, but unfortunately the ball deflected and the ball hit the bar. 20 minutes in, a corner from Marin found Retsos in the 6 yard box,
who with a powerful head sent the ball in, equalising for Olympiakos. With 15 minutes remaining for the half-time whiste, a counter attack led to Tzimopoulos lobbing a pass for Fonsi, who with a poor shot, sent the ball over the bar. 12 minutes after the 2nd half began, Cambiasso found De la Bella on the edge of the box, who with a cross going through their keeper's hands, found Cardozo who headed the ball into the net. Last chance of the game, Marin's free kick resulted in Botia heading the ball into the net. Yep, all three goals where with headers...

Panaitolikos - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

First goal came at the 14th minute, when Fortounis ran all the way until the edge of the box, crossed and Maniero scored with a nice header. 2nd goal came at the 29th minute, when Botia's clearance was deflected which found Ansarifard on a 1-on-1 with the keeper, who scored with a nice placed shot. 62 minutes in, Munoz's free kick found Tsokanis, who with a volley, sent the ball wide. 19 minutes before the game ended, Cardozo crossed after a pass from Ciano, which resulted into Fortounis scoring his 3rd goal of the season.

Greek Cup

Aiginiakos - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

We started the match pressing and playing calmly which resulted in a 25 yard direct free kick from Marin at the 36th minute. 45 minutes in, Cissokho's cross almost found Fortounis inside the 5 yard box, but he was shoved by Giazitzoglou. Cardozo then, with a sloppy penalty, luckily scored. 10 minutes after the 2nd half started, Cardozo jumped for a header, but landed ugly and got injured. Thank god he's now okay. 75 minutes in, Romao's lob pass found Marin who had escaped 4 defenders, he ran in the box and crossed and Ansarifard scored. 2 minutes before the final whistle was blown, Retsos' clearance found Elyounoussi who lobbed the keeper.
Jim's avatar Group Jim 2017-04-24 17:58
gr 43 posts joined Jan 11, 2016

November Review

Greek Superleague

Olympiakos - Kerkyra

Manager's Comments

Kerkyra played really well and deserved this draw. On the other way, we didn't play well. Kerkyra's goal came at the 20th minute when Doualla found Thuram inside the box who with a nice shot beat Kapino to put Kerkyra in front. 39 minutes in, Kevin Diogo tackled Fortounis which resulted in him getting a second yellow card and got sent off. We equalised 77 minutes in, when Ciano's cross found Cardozo who scored with a volley 7 yards out. 5 minutes before the game was over, Cambiasso tackled Doualla from behind which resulted in him getting sent off.

Panathinaikos - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

The match against our biggest ever rival went to shit. All our hard work in this match was for nothing when at the last 25 minutes they scored 4 f*cking goals. We scored at the 36th minute when Fortounis dribbled a defender and immediately shot and scored from 35 yards. 65 minutes in Leto's cross found Berg who scored an easy goal. 72 minutes in, Villafanez scored from 20 yards by a free kick. 7 minutes later, Hult's cross found our defender's sleeping, which resulted into Molins scored a similar goal to Berg's earlier one.
6 minutes later, Kourbelis shot, shot got blocked and Mollins scored another goal, this time with a half-volley.

Olympiakos - Xanthi

Manager's Comments

3 minutes in, Fortounis' cross found Romao outside the box, who scored a beautiful goal. 10 minutes later, Romao found Dominguez, who found Karim, who with a backheel found Dominguez again which resulted in a great team goal. Nothing important happened until the 80th minute, when Sylla with a weak pass tried to find the keeper, but Ansarifard intercepted it and scored from a 1-on-1.

Champions League

Red Bull Salzburg - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

This match was a rollercoaster of emotions. 14 minutes in, Figueiras found Seba inside the box, who got hit by Radosevic which resulted in a penalty. Fortounis then converted from the spot and got us in front. 5 minutes later, a counter attack led by Rzatkowski who found the chance to pass to Laimer who scored from inside the box. Dygruber scored 2 goals in 2 minutes. 1st one came when Liverpool loanee Andre Wisdom crossed, found Dygruber who scored a volley inside the 5 yard box. 1 minute later, Dygruber scored another, when he was left alone by the defenders, which resulted in another goal. 70 minutes in, we had a glimer of hope when Fortounis scored after a cross from Elyounoussi. 9 minutes later, Martins kept the dream alive when he scored a powerfull header 10 yards out. 84th minute, we were left hardbroken when Rzatkowski scored after a cross got deflected. I encouraged my players though and told them to put their body on the line in order to score. That payed off when even though the Red Bull players were already celebrating, Figueiras volleyed a shot and made us all cheer and scream from happiness.

Leicester - Olympiakos

Manager's Comments

We really showed that we wanted the win and that payed off. First goal came 10 minutes in, when Figueiras passed to Manthatis who crossed immediately and found Karim who scored. Leicester's best chance till then was when Mahrez beautifully passed the ball to Vitor Bueno whose shot went over the bar. Huth held the ball too long, which allowed Manthatis to steal the ball and pass it to Martins, who shot and the ball hit the post. An error from Romao allowed Musa to run all the way down to our edge from the box and with a beautiful cross found Mahrez who scored with a tap-in. Leicester missed a sitter couple of minutes later, when Vardy crossed but Slimani missed an open goal. 20 minutes later, Karim dribbled Simpson, but he streched his leg much too wide which got him sent off. 80 minutes in, Huth tackled Karim inside the box and a penalty was given. Fortounis converted calmly from the spot and got us a win. After the final whistle was blown, it was official that we qualified to the next round even though we have a chance to redeem ourselves against Napoli at home.
ScottT's avatar Group ScottT 2017-04-24 21:39
gb 727 posts 89 likes joined Apr 04, 2016
Bloody hell, 4-4 against Salzburg! Very good result against Leicester as well. League wise very poor, your fans won't be happy about the Panathinaikos result especially!

Goodbye Josh.. Accy legend
Jim's avatar Group Jim 2017-04-25 11:02
gr 43 posts joined Jan 11, 2016
2017-04-25 00:39#241885 ScottT : Bloody hell, 4-4 against Salzburg! Very good result against Leicester as well. League wise very poor, your fans won't be happy about the Panathinaikos result especially!

Those 2 matches were freaking nice :D About the league though, I ain't happy either and believe me, the players know that :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2017-04-26 12:34
00 4303 posts 544 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
From being 3-1 down, to drawing 4-4.... a truly memorable Champions League fixture!

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