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  • hello,please if you can help me...i play game for dinamo kiev but i didnt see when my players became a ukraine FM 2010 was days remaining to became my players have only other nationalities to became but dont ukraine...
    sorry my english...please look at the picture and then you maybe can help me...

  • I would be glad to help but I dont understand what you mean.

  • I dont understand either although i have looked at your picture and connot see anything wrong there, sorry.

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  • 's avatar Group MLR 2010-11-10 15:56
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    I think he means the 'Days to gain nationality' Column is not counting the number of days he has spent in Ukraine.

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  • # MLR : I think he means the 'Days to gain nationality' Column is not counting the number of days he has spent in Ukraine.

    yeh i dont think you need to gain nationality for many EU countries? i think it depends on the countries system. some change their system just for sports even. so could be that he doesnt need to gain nationality for ukraine. or that he doesnt want to? as some players dont need to.

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  • I thought when player dosen't want a nationality than after spending some time in a country than it's says that he dosen't see a benefit.
    So it depends on countries system?

  • 's avatar Group M1D 2010-11-10 18:22
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    Yeah, in my Shakhtar game I realised that it didn't happen for my players either, as far as I am aware the Ukraine don't allow for people to gain nationality there. Suppose that's why the cap on foreign players is quite high for a capped league. Hope that helps you mate ;)

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  • please look at my new picture and then you maybe understand what i want ...

    but i can help myself in editor...i can add age to have nationality

  • 's avatar Group M1D 2010-11-11 15:19
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    Like I said before mate, I don't think you can gain Ukraine residence by playing there so because of that it won't appear there for you as there is no need :) Hope that helps you a bit

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