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    If you want to help localize GS in many languages, you may post here about your interest and also submit your completed language files.

    This year there's an extra motive for you to do it the competition continues!
    People who will translate Genie Scout into a new language or update/complete current available languages will get the ads-free version without a donation.

    Thank you!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    English is the only language that is completely translated and updated.
    Download English Language file


    I have made some lists of languages to be translated and assigned members who declared an interested to them. I believe there should be a max of 2 translators per language, so wherever there are more than 2 it should be either the first 2 or they communicate between them and decide who are going to be the 2 translators.

    Here's a complete list of languages we want and don't have yet:

    Chinese (traditional) - ahsoon - DONE
    Japanese - Zeggy - DONE
    German - zikoscheng - DONE
    Korean - libreidy - DONE
    Arabic - Cenntrino
    Dutch - Zonnegod, funny
    Indonesian - arsnby, bakaten - DONE
    Hungarian - zholtan - DONE
    Czech - mara.sustai
    Greek - Castiel
    Danish - Scousertommy, Jedermann
    Norwegian - Vidkun_Iskariot, tjodolf
    Serbian - www.balkanpesbox.com, boyshane - DONE
    Catalan - trobador00
    Croatian - SakyOS
    Malay - TPK
    Armenian - Vangelis21
    Macedonian - bavarec
    Romanian - Flo19
    Albanian - cadchee
    Slovenian - zatarra83
    Latvian - Decalogy
    Bulgarian - Mitko - DONE
    Basque - pandiko
    Finnish - fmelro
    Filipino - xgriever
    Hindi - andybond

    Up to two (2) people allowed per new language.


    A list of 70% complete languages (all hints are not translated):

    Hebrew - mostly.harmless
    Chinese (simplified) - ameniste
    Portuguese - Fsousa - DONE
    Russian - partanen - DONE
    Spanish - fananu - DONE
    Swedish - Jangan

    Only one (1) person allowed to complete the 70% complete languages.


    A list of 99% complete languages that need minor updating (only players top lists captions need to be translated):

    Polish - jose77 - DONE
    Brazilian Portuguese
    Italian - xalphax - DONE
    Thai - hutoew - DONE
    Vietnamese - hades91 - DONE

    It would be ideal for these languages to be updated by the same people who originally translated them.
    If someone else wants to do the remaining 1%, which applies to the 'g' version only, please note there should be no reward for him as it's a very minor task. Some exceptions may apply, depending on Eugene's judgement.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Instructions for localization process:

    Download English Language file. Once you extract the .zip archive you'll end up with English.lng file which is a text file which saved in Unicode.
    It can be edited by any text-editor that supports Unicode. Notepad from Windows Vista/7 support Unicode. In Windows XP it should be used external editor that supports Unicode like Notepad++.

    Left side which is in UPPERD_CASE shouldn't be edited, these are links. Right side after the "=" sign is a text which should be localized.

    To update current available language corresponding file can be edited directly, new languages can be created based on English.lng.

    First section [LANGUAGE_INFO] contains basic settings:

    NAME - language name in English (like Ukrainian)
    NATIVE_NAME - language name in translated language (like Українська)
    FONT_NAME, FONT_SIZE and FONT_CHARSET shouldn't be changed
    GUI_FONT_* is a font of graphic window (player/club info)
    AUTHOR - localizator name
    VERSION - localization version

    The '&' character:

    It marks the shortcut letter. Example: &Options means if you press [Alt]+[F]+[O] it will open the Options menu.

    You need to change the '&' position when localizing to make the shortcuts to work and to avoid the repetition: Example: in the menu there is 'About' and 'Help', in English it works fine but in Portuguese it is respectively 'Acerca' and 'Ajuda' so I must change the '&' position, because if I don't do so, both words will have the same shortcut: [Alt]+[F]+[A].
    You may as well remove '&', it's not a big deal.


    In case of any questions please contact Eugene.

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  • I can do it for Finnish.

  • If anyone is interested I can do it in Bulgarian.

  • I saw that 84 users are reg from my country Bulgaria, so I can contribute with Bulgarian Language pack.

    I have experience in translation. I made some translation for a lot of mods on forums such as - IPB; phpbb3.

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  • I can do it for greek language.

  • I would like to do it for french.
    What is needed to start ?
    Is ther any lng file used by genie scout?

  • If Eugene don't mind, I'd like to request the inclusion of Brazilian Portuguese ( there're some diferences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal).

    If he approve my request it'll be a honor to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese.

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  • I can do it in Norwegian. I have done different localization work before with for example MSN Plus

  • I'm willing to translate into dutch.

    Due to personal issues I wont have the time to do this soon.
    So I asked the two other volunteers to do the dutch translation.

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  • I can translate it in Slovene.

  • I'm can translate to Polish.

  • I am willing to help with Serbian language!

  • You don't need Hindi, by any chance, do you? :P

  • I'd love to help to translate it into Catalan and/or improve Spanish translation.

  • I cant help translating into Danish