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  • hello everybody I play football manager 2011 and I had the sickest save but suddenly one day i tried to start the game and then stood there'' not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 load saved Game.xml. '' also it said''the game could not be retrieved''what am I doing and what has happened??? please answer me :(

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  • sometimes happens, ok go to

    control panel then
    appearence and Personalization
    folder options
    hidden files and folders
    click on the 'show hidden files folders and drives'

    then click on my computer
    windows (c drive)
    (your name)
    app data
    sports interactive
    football manager 2011
    and delete the settings folder

    and then try it

    man_u_barmy_army: 50k stadium will be like a new experience for u thn :P
    A.I.K. ± Black Army: not really:P
    A.I.K. ± Black Army: in FM im used to playing at big stadiums