I need the best DC in the world!

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    Thank you everybody for your suggestions.
    You have really been helpful and i appreciate it...
    Personally i'm still a bit confused cause i study a lot for university lately and can't process the game as i want. I keep thinking about names but one think is for sure, the one that will come won't be the one i expected to!
    I tried otamendi. I gave them 20m plus two players, Mathias Jorgensen and a regen. Porto accepted, unbelievably Otamendi accepted but the deal broke because Jorgensen denied move to porto! I tried another bid but the game crushed so i'm in the same position...
    As for Chiellini you are probably right in one thing: He seems to be the best when the game starts and few years after... But consider this: after three seasons he's built such a reputation that if I could ever convince his club to sell and chiellini to come to Olympiakos I would have such a team that I wouldn't even need him... :O I think they demand around 80m or something...

    nothing extraordinary unless you know he is considered leftfooted...
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    Consider Benedikt Howedes, will be a top class centre back for you for a decade.

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    Phil Jones
    Breno Vinícius Borges
    Papa Gueye
    Gonzalo Rodríguez
    Michael Turner
    Damiano Ferronetti
    Jacopo Galimberti

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    Derdyk Boyata! You won't regret it!

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    Whether you can get him or not I still think Vidic is among the best defenders in the world. Always worth a look but you'll be lucky to get him I would think. Hope thats a little help to you1 haha :)

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    Kevin Long!!!

    But no in all seriousness Phil Jones is quite possibly the best talent i've ever seen on FM, his ability at the beginning of the game for an 18 year old is outstanding, given a couple of years, as much game time as possible and maybe a bit of tutoring from an experienced centre back then you will have the best Centre Back ever to grace Football Manager :)

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    phil jones and danny wilson are both very good choices. they are both young and talented. their professionality is very high, so you won't need an older and experienced CB now or in the future :)

    please help me develop :( i'm over 180 PA.
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    i agree with prophet-omar chiellini is probably the best centre back ive ever bought . ive currently got him with my current man city game .. him and vincent kompany are rocks at the back

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