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  • #39534 Tom_BcFC : Jelle Vossen!
    I definately agree with this, I started being the Manchester United manager in January, he has played 14 games and scored 9 goals, you can get him very cheap, I got him for 1.5 million, he is now worth 3 million. Definately worth the money. :)

  • #34002 mnk26 : Abel Hernandez isn't a European citizen, so not an option at least until next season, I have been considering him. Rossi is currently injured in my game for at least 3 months, so also not an option. Jovetic and Gameiro have no interest, although I would absolutely love to sign Gameiro, that is exactly the type of player I am looking for(I prefer poachers). If anyone has any specific advice on how I could get him to be interested in my team, I'd love to hear it. I've been trying to get Podolski (not quite as good as in FM11 but I think would fit well into my formation) who also has no interest, but all the admire/declare interest options have not changed anything.
    Kadlec looks like a good pickup, if I can't figure out an expensive striker to buy I will divide the budget amongst a few cheaper players and he looks like a good call.

    Any other suggestions would still be appreciated!

    iam in need of two young strikers for lazio klose and cisse is way to old for my liking

  • hi, you can buy foreign players who are already playing in italy, and i recommend rondon of malaga he should have a second nationally of spanish if you have done five seasons.

    iam in need of two young strikers for lazio klose and cisse is way to old for my liking

  • Try Georgi Milanov.

  • sign doumbia, CLASS, averaged a goal a game and won player of the year for me (arsenal). And under 20 million

  • Yaya Sanogo is cheap plus he is a goal machine.

    Geordie till I die!!!

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