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  • Hello all,

    Can someone give me a formation that gives alot of possession and defence?

  • short and slow and good passing players and u will have decent/good possesion.
    defence is a personal thing and also depending on the quality of your defenders.

    my advice is to learn football, learn the game, experiment and try out different things in the end you will end up with a good formation for your team.

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  • I agree. i use straight 442, a slow passing game, play wide and I tend to come out with 60 precent often but not always. It depends on what kind of players you have, player roles etc..

    Back after long long time.....

  • I am not to much like play Ball possesion and defence football...
    But, if you like to change your style to more attacking and more possesion, set your team to 4-3-2-1
    Use 2 MC, 2 Wingers, 1 AMF ( Play maker ), anf 1 Target man make your team more sharp in the front...hehehehhe
    And Make your Forwards to be Top Scores in your league, hehehehe

  • Use 451 with control / Counter with narrow width, and retain possesion, you will almost never concede from open play....

  • #34073 Atreidas : Hello all,

    Can someone give me a formation that gives alot of possession and defence?

    hi fella,

    play all your defenders to defend and they will keep the ball and pass it to your midfielders or strikers when they are in attack and in space:) hope it helps


    bob mason

  • i use tiki taka tactic employed by barcelona which u can download from this site. but with a few minor tweaaks to make sure ur team dont try walk the ball in everytime it can be devastating . i end up wit habout 25- 30 shots on goal . and 70% possesssion most games

  • im currently coaching Borussia Dortmund

  • I use 4-1-2-1-2 in manchester city dzeko and ivisevis scored 46 goals first season second season I wwant to buy aguero,philippe coutinho and davide santon

  • shouldnt u already have aguero considering ur man city ??

  • This one maybe

    The big teams own the stadium and the ball possesion .If you defend well you control the space and the
    game in general - Arrigo Sacchi

  • *BUMP*

    Anyway, 4-1-2-1-2,

    RB - FB - Defend
    CB - CB - Defend
    CB - CB - Defend
    LB - FB - Defend

    DM - DLP - Defend

    CM(L) - DLP - Defend
    CM(R) - AP - Attack

    AM - AP - Attack

    ST - P - Attack
    ST - P - Attack

    Short passing, quick tempo, stand off more. The rest work out for yourself, works absolute wonders.