What do you think about STEAM?

Is STEAM being a general waste of time?


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  • I've had steam since Half Life 1/2 and I have never had problems with it.
    The last few games I have bought, including FM2011/2012, have required you to have a steam account even though I bought the CD.

    The latest game I have bought is Elder Scrolls V: Sykrim and it required a steam account.

    The most annoying game I have bought with regards to internet connection is Settlers 7, which freezes if it cannot connect to their servers (not steam).

    In Oz it can be a problem buying games through steam as we have upload/download limits.

    I'm happy their 'offline' feature works, as it's nice to be able to play the game whilst travelling.
    Only recently I was stuck in Dubai airport for 8 hours due to flight problems and with their recharging station to recharge the laptop battery, was able to load up and play FM2012 without an internet connection, passed a bit of time.

    As for auto updates, I always apply the patches for games when they are availble so no big deal for me letting steam do it.

  • I have just purchased the game Home Front, I have wanted this game for a while, now for the spoiler you need STEAM to play what a total drag!!!!!!!I install the game and now a full day later I still can't play it because steam keeps telling me to log in later... it always was naff and it always will be

  • Recently started using Steam so I can get X-COM Enemy Unknown. Still remember those long sleepless night with the original X-COM. Aliens popping up suddenly out of nowhere(+the background music) has a way of keeping you wide awake.

    But the download is killing me!!! Took me 1 day to download the demo to ensure the game works on my Window 8 machine. Bought the game this morning, 9 hours since, I am not even 50% done.

    Next thing I need to worry about is whether the game came patched. Or do I need to spend more time downloading that as well.

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    No need to open a 2 year old topic for a Steam query, Ben. Go to the Steam community and start a topic there.

  • Steam is awesome as long as it works :)