cannot replace injured player national team


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  • Hi,

    I'm playing with Great-Britain-23 at the 2012 olympics. One of my players got injured, so I have to replace him with another player. The problem is that I can't. The injured player (Fabian Delph) has already been removed from my squad, but some kind of fictional player has been added instead( keith lawford???). There's no info on him, no stats, he has no club and no value, and ... i can't remove him from my squad. So FM keeps asking for a reaction in order to select a replacement for my injured player, but I cant select a replacement because my team has already been completed with this fictional player... and I'm stuck... Can't go forward because I can't react...

  • This has just happened with me as well. Jack Wilshere suffering a sports Hernia, and now I cannot replace him. Is confusing the hell out of me, anyone solved this problem?