England v Sweden


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  • ITV1 at 19:30.

    Anyone going to be watching? After the great win over Spain I'm expecting another a good result, Sweden are good though, I'm thinking a 2-0 win. Hope to see Parker start once again, he was the catalyst on Saturday evening, the Lion on the pitch we needed.

    Would like to see Darren Bent partnered with someone though if he is to start again.

    Sturridge would be ideal.

  • watched it obviously, we weren't upto our fullest a few easy passing mistakes and such. some of the players just need to gel for us. hopefully we can up ourselves in the euros.

    england were shit as usual.

    Stam shows me a pics of his weddings(his wife signing papers), i comment on his wife:
    ME: she is lovely mate
    ME: well done ;)
    Stam: yeah, I signed her to my team lol
    Stam: she's a bargain, low wage :P