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    Have just taken over a club and when meeting my backroom staff for the first time one of the reccomendations was to employ a Squad Management Expert, what is that? the choices they have given me are two scouts (Stewart Houston & Martin Keown) or a youth coach (Mark Hulse)any knowledge of this out there....

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    Yeh basically a coach who has a good Man Management attribute. They offer you more advice in backroom meetings, seem to help a lot more with individual players like suggesting preferred move training, dropping players due to form etc...

    Martin Keown is a pretty good coach for this as his defence coaching is quality too.

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    wtf, never heard of this before.

    Stam shows me a pics of his weddings(his wife signing papers), i comment on his wife:
    ME: she is lovely mate
    ME: well done ;)
    Stam: yeah, I signed her to my team lol
    Stam: she's a bargain, low wage :P
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    I got the same message back in fm11 almost every time i started a new game with a medium rep team in a league with hight standards or with a newly promoted team.
    what worked best was signing a 1ST TEAM COACH (not a general coach, cause the problem seems to focus on the 1st team) with high Man Management and Motivating attributes. Also you need him to be oriented to your style of football (attacking, defensive etc.). It helps a lot if he speaks more than one language and if he is native to the league that you play in (British for the UK and so on).Also a club favorite with those attributes works like a treat (if there is one available) since he commands a great deal of respect.

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    Thank you Jonny_Toon_Army & Gith for your helpful replies they are appreciated. Jonny TA it was the legendary Peter Beardsley who made that recommendation when I took over Newcastle.
    Gith thats brill detail I shall take on board what you said.

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    ive got the exactly the same problem what makes them into squad advice manager? is it under the coach role because i got him Stewart Houston as scout i left all the setting the way they were as scout but didnt work i am still getting it in my advice screen should it be under the coach role?

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    You said is very good.

    I heart which I could not help him

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