Best goalscorer in FM???


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  • Stats are not everything, take Podolski, beastttttt stats, but he isn't no goal galore like Cavani, Damiao.
    I suggest Damiao, Destro and Cavani, but Cavani will be injury prone at 32-33 years old. Last season he's been injured the full season, 2 broken ankles, and this season he torn his muscle. Cavani can be enjoyed while it lasts.

  • #57262 Sporting_23 : jelle vossen as a poacher with the right ppm's and falcao as a complete forward!

    True. Got Jelle Vossen at Real Betis. I play a 4-2-3-1 formation.
    He's an absolute beast in front of goal.

  • I can never get a striker to score well for my team, some going days without a goal. However the team are strong. I am currently at Real Madrid after 5 years at Man Utd (2 really small teams I know) and have won the Premiership, all the cups and Champions League numerous times.

    I am an avid fan of the game (but not real football, go figure), but I am not sure I know enough about all the ways to play, how to use the right tactics and look for a few figures when buying a player, but may then not use them quite right in a team. I win, but sometimes more by luck that judgement.

    Just starting 2021 as a season and have Carols Fierro, so after a bit of reading, it looks like I should play him as a poacher, lets see if this works well.

  • 2012-06-17 02:13#55067 Ory1997 : LoL got Hernandez to score 70 goals in 50 games once.

    what season??

  • i think Lukas Jutkiewicz is a good player, in the boro i he get 37 goal on 36 app, and best selling i sell him 18M.