Unable to offer contract/renew contract to players/staff


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  • im having problem offering my players anew contract, or signing new players. The offer contract page unable me to make ad=ny changes to the offers, only suggest deals then i can only walk away from the deal, rather than make offer. Is this a bug? anyone have the same problem? any fix?

  • Because those players have no intention to play in your club, so you can not sign them, although your bids were accepted. There is no way to fix this, you can try talk to press and so your admiration to the player, it might work but most likely you need to find another player.

  • even renewing contract for my own players?

  • #49744 tas88 : even renewing contract for my own players?
    It only happens if you player only have 6 months left and other clubs want him, or he has some issue with you. You should renew your player contract when it has 1 year left.

  • just offered them to another club, and find another player... of course your player and staff dont have intention to signing new contract