Am i using the correct tactic?


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  • I am currently managing Leeds United. I'm using a direct counter wide 451 formation. I managed to tweak my budget and i have the following tranfers

    Darwin Quintero
    Ahmed Soukouna
    Andile Jali
    Dare Vrsic
    Teko Modise
    Adrian Aldrete

    Adam Clayton
    Ramon Nunez
    Lloyd Sam
    Billy Paynter

    These are my best 11 and the position they play
    Gk Paul Rachubka
    DL Adrian Aldrete
    DC Darren O' Dea
    DC Patrick Kisnorbo
    DR Paul Conolly
    DMC Andile Jali (Hardworking DMC and holding/Ballwinner)
    MC Bressan (advanced MC) roams to seek free space
    MC Jonny Howson/Dare Vrsic (deeper MC) roams to seek free space
    AML Teko Modise/Ross McCormack (pacey Winger/complete wingforward)
    AMR Robert Snodgrass (pacey Winger/complete wingforward)
    FC Darwin Quintero (deep FC/smart Or pacey poacher)

    Am I using the correct tactic for my team?

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  • there is no correct tactic. but why do you play counter ?

  • Well i play counter because some of my players especially the defenders are somewhat lacking in mental attributes. So what tactic would you suggest then shaneo insaneo?

  • well i use my own tactic that ive created. might not work the same cause im managing barcelona
    but have a look anywayz .

  • Hey there shaneo,

    Thanks for the info! Anyway i don't think my team has the quality to play like Barca but let me go ahead and try using your tactic if it will produce results. The real reason that i am using a counter tactic is that a tactical genius told me to do so because according to him, my Leeds team just doesn't have enough quality to use tactics like teams such as Barca. The players just don't fit well into the system according to him. Of course Barca has much better quality players and my team is just an underdog team or a mid table team.

  • yeah i know it probably wont work as well as it does with me but at least give it a go :D .
    ive also changed all the player instructions aswell . theres pretty much no long shots, i ask the players to hold up the ball which allows team mates to get into better positions .

    try signing midfielders with high passing , composure and concentration stats , well as good as you can get anywayz

  • I'll try to do that. Do you have a link where i can download your tactic?

  • nah i havnt put it up anywhere and dont really plan to.

  • #56737 shaneo insaneo : nah i havnt put it up anywhere and dont really plan to.

    What are the specific player instructions that you gave the players?