Should i Manage Great Britian U23?


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  • as all you know this year there is the olympics. and i in fm12 has finsihed the first season and i can take the great britian U23, shall i take it?

  • They have a pretty decent team, I'd recommend Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart and John Terry for your over 23's cause you need someone to score your goals and also a tight defense to deal with the likes of Neymar, Ganso, and Cavani, who unless he's injured always features for Uruguay.
    However every time i take this job i go back to my old one and hate it xD just my opinion.

  • but in ur opinion i should take it and when the competition is over i resign?

  • You have no option but resign, the team is discontinued. But i think yeah, it's another trophy under your belt.

  • what u mean so ur saying i cant keep the job? and if no why not?

  • Team GB aren't going to participate in any more Olympics, therefore you cannot keep the GB under 23 job after the London 2012 Olympics.

  • Yes, Callum the Toffee is right. He's already said everything that needed to be said about this thread.

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