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  • To My fellow Fmers

    I have being playing the fm series since it has been out and I have being following a lot of stories also and have done a lot to. I am going to start a new story with a league 2 team Crewe and I am going to turn them into a premiership team hopefully in five years’ time. One of the Best managers in the world Brian Clough turned Derby around in 1968 by winning the 2nd division and it did not stop there in 1972 they win division 1 Brian Clough was a great manager at derby and so was his assistant Peter Taylor who had an eye for talent. That’s who I want to be a Brian Clough of a low team and get them into the big time just as he did with Derby and Nottingham Forest wining the European cup with them also I am going to do all this plus more with Crewe.

    When asked about my ambitions for Crewe I said I want to build a team on older players and younger players it’s a good mix old will teach the young and play as a family and if we do that success is limitless. In order for us to win we must show ourselves that we can win in are mind if are mind set is lose we will lose if it is to win we will still lose if it is set to we are not afraid go out there and have fun we have a chance and that’s all I need is a chance.

    I was asked will I be bringing in any players this season I said simply yes and no I am going to asses the team first and see where do I need to improve and then I will sit down with the Assistant manager and ask him to find me the player find me the next big thing. So in answer to your question Yes Or no will see how pre-season goes.

    In terms of where I want to finish I want to get promotion but if that is not set at the start of the season well what chance do we have the players have to get in there head that they are not afraid of going out there and playing they can’t be afraid of losing and that is the magic of wining don’t be afraid of losing.

    Thanks for reading I will update after Pre-Season and will let use all no the players that may have left and players that have come in if any.

  • Transfers And Pre-Season

    In my pre-season match’s I had a great start winning all my match’s the team showed that they are ready to play in the league I hope we can play as well as we did in the friendly’s and carry that on to the league in terms of transfers I have brought in five players two of them are on a free transfer and 3 are on loan.

    The season kicks off with my 1st match against oxford at home and I am hoping to get off to a winning start in the league even though the broad have told me to finish Mid table I have giving myself a challenge of getting into the play offs in my 1st season and with the players I have brought in and the way the pre-season went it looks good well here are the match’s and the results and also the players I brought in.

    Crewe Vs Quorn (Away) 4-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Nantwich (Away) 4-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Raith (Home) 3-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Fleetwood (Away) 4-2 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Congleton (Away) 2-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Fulham (Home) 1-1 (Draw)

    Players Bought
    Pablo Counago Free
    Cameron Park Loan
    Akwasi Asante Loan
    Gael Bigirimana Loan
    Thomas Cruise Free

    A great bunch of players and I did not have to touch the bank just as well as I was not given any transfer money so let’s hope the players gel together and play as a unit play as a team learn to lose and win together.

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  • The 1st Five

    Ok with the first five games over with I am so proud of my team and the way they have stepped up to the plate and showed that they are no push overs if we keep this up for the rest of the season we will be there our there abouts at the end of the season and a little kic up over the season is going to happen

    we had one already but as I said at the start the team needs to learn how to lose together before they can start winning together and they have showed that they can do that well here are the match’s and results also some team news.

    Crewe Vs Oxford (Home) 4-2 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Northampton (Away) 1-0 (Lose)
    Crewe Vs Bradford (Home) 4-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Wimbledon (Away) 1-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Crawley (Home) 3-2 (Win)

    Also I played a league cup match in which I lost.
    Crewe Vs Preston (Away) 2-1 (Lose)

    Team News
    In team news I have lost two of my new players that I bought Asante is out for 5 Month’s with a torn calf Muscle and in other news Pablo Counago is out for 6 weeks with a Twisted Ankle. So I jumped into the transfer market and got Ibra Sekajia on loan he is a young striker and in his 1st game against Crawley getting 3 goals on his debut.

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    Hey Jason - what are you finding are the difference between your Crewe and Stoke stories, apart from the reputation and better finances I'd imagine.

    Are you looking to employ different tactics or management approaches?

  • I've done a few previous saves with Crewe, they're quality to manage because you ALWAYS get at least 2 or 3 class regens through every year

    bristol city Home and Away 12/13

  • #58277 Kiwi : Hey Jason - what are you finding are the difference between your Crewe and Stoke stories, apart from the reputation and better finances I'd imagine.

    Are you looking to employ different tactics or management approaches?
    my stoke one i am using and the crewe i am using a new one will post it soon also i have no transfer budjet with crewe i think i am going to work on this story now and change maybe once a week i want to turn crewe into a big club get the rep up and the club as big as i can thanks for reading

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    Crewe historical have had excellent youth facilities and prospects, the down side is that there never seem to be a high enough level to retain them when the EPL/CL clubs do the rounds.

    Long term, Crewe will be the more satisfying game though. Loaners, youth prospects and ball retention should see you out of L1.

    Good luck Jason.

  • Another Five

    With another five games done my Crewe side are playing really good football showing everyone in the league that they are not to be pushed around that this year they mean business they are playing really good football and I hope they keep it up. Ibra Sekajia is playing really well after coming to me on loan
    playing 2 games and getting 7 goals. Every player on the team is flying high at the moment I told them to keep it up. But it won’t be long before they are knocked back down to earth as a manager I can say this because I know in football anything can happen. And as I keep saying the team is still learning to lose and win together but the way things are going at the moment they can be happy with each other as they are putting in a good team effort. Well here are the match’s and results and some team news also. And a look at the league table and my best player.

    Crewe Vs Hereford (Away) 5-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Barnet (Home) 2-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Swindon (Home) 3-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Torquay (Away) 2-1 (Lose)
    Crewe Vs Macclesfield (Away) 3-0 (Win)

    The Table

    My Best Player Over The Last Five Games

    Even tho he has only played 2 games he has step up to the mark with the injuries in the team and showed that he can play in this league if he keeps playing this well I will try and get him on a full time move .

    Team News
    Ibra Sekajia has played 2 games and scored 7 goals and is now injured for 4 weeks hope he gets back soon. Pablo Counago has come back 1 week early and scored and his game back still one long term injury in Asante still long time before he will be back. The team are gelling together and winning and losing as a team keep it up.

  • Good Our Bad Times Ahead

    After 15 league games done in the season my team find them self’s in 1st place in the league by a point and are playing well above expectations of a mid-table finish I would like to say that this is down to me but the way the players are playing its all them I just sit back and let them play football the team is now a team they play as a team and act like a team and that is what I wanted to gain in my 1st season but they have done it in 3 months and I can’t believe it. If we keep going like this can I say it promotion with still a long way to go the tale after Christmas will tell the tail. At the start of the season I said I wanted promotion and the broad wanted a mid-table finish we have a hopes set on playing league one next season and that’s what we are aiming for well here are the match’s and results and team news.

    Crewe Vs Morecambe (Home) 5-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Plymouth (Away) 4-2 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Dag & Red (Away) 1-1 (Draw)
    Crewe Vs Cheltenham (Home) 0-0 (Draw)
    Crewe Vs Gillingham (Away) 2-1 (Win)

    Johnstone’s Paint Trophy
    Also had a game in the johnstone’s Paint Trophy in what the papers said that the team did not stand a chance in going up against Preston the league one leaders for the second time this season and I showed them how to play football playing them of the field winning the match 3-1 in what was a great game and my proudest Moment as a manager so far.

    Crewe Vs Preston (Home) 3-1 (Win)

    Team News
    The team are playing so well together and everything is going great or is it I have been hit with a really bad injury list over the last 2 weeks 6 of my 1st team players are out with long term injury’s the players out are Danny Shelley is my right defender and he is out for 2 months with a broken toe will be missed. Next in line is Carl Martin my Centre Back is also out for 2 months with a torn Calf he has been a rock at the back for me. Adam Dugdale is also my Centre Back and he is out for a month also putting in some great matches for me. Nick Powell has been having a great season so far but will this stop him 9 weeks with Knee Ligament Damage will be missed was having a great season. Gael Bigirimana on loan from Coventry has played in all my games but the last one has showed he is well able to play football and is now out for 7 weeks with a calf muscle will also be missed playing in centre midfield. Akwasi Asante a great young striker is still out for another 2 months with a torn calf is having a great season hope he comes back stronger. So with all the injury’s I had to jump into my youth team and brought four players into the 1st team that I thought would be ready to step it up the players are, Max Clayton a young 17 year old striker, Liam Wilson 17 year old Centre midfield player, Liam Nolan a 17 year old centre defender, and Joe Guest a right defender let’s hope they can fill the boots of the players I am missing and maybe challenge for a 1st team stop when the players are back.

  • Super Crewe

    In the last five league games the team has kept up the way they have been playing all season I am delighted the way things are going so far the way the team is playing and handling the pressure after the last five games the team has moved into 1st and are ten points in the lead and are on course for promotion so here are the match’s and the results also Fa cup stated and I want to get to the 3rd round. So here are the match’s and results and the league table and my best player.

    Crewe Vs Bristol Rovers (Away) 2-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Aldershot (Home) 2-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Rotherham (Home) 2-0 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Burton (Away) 4-2 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Shrewsbury (Home) 2-1 (Win)

    Here is the League Table

    My Best Player Last Five Games

    He has been in lethal form in front of goal 30 goals in 20 games now that’s good going for a striker I got for free let’s keep that up.

    After the way the team played in them five games I won manager of the month for the first time and it won’t be the last that award has just spurred me on to win more and more so look out everyone Kavanagh is here.

    Johnstones Paint Trophy Round 2
    Crewe Vs Nott’s Co (Away) 1-1 Lost in penalty’s (Lose)

    The Fa Cup has kicked off and I wanted to get to the 3rd round of the Fa Cup I have played 2 match’s here are the results.

    Fa Cup
    Crewe Vs Oxford (Home) 4-1 (Win)
    Crewe Vs Hayes (Home) 6-1 (Win)

    The next game is the 3rd round against Birmingham away.

    Team News
    Well not much to say Powell is back other players are also a few days away from coming back but the young players have stepped up and showed that they want to play in the 1st team so the next coming week’s will be fun for places on the team.

  • LADS bad news this story has crased wont let me load i am so sick of this happening a story that i have been really injoying and this happens

    am going start a new one thanks.

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    Bad luck!

    #58528 Jason_Kavanagh : LADS bad news this story has crased wont let me load i am so sick of this happening a story that i have been really injoying and this happens

    am going start a new one thanks.