Tempted to miss FM2013 out.


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  • I am tempted to miss FM2013 out and begin a new game of FM2012 which would last to FM2014 comes out. Perhaps ill then change my mind and buy FM2013 though. The point is that really FM should release a new game every two years and an update in between as the game never really changes that much. I always feel that i have been charged for an update and its never a worth the money we all pay. I wonder if i could really miss FM2013 out - i need the money for other things but......

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  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-07-18 17:44
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    I usually wait and see what other "enhancements" are made - if it has any major differences - and then see whether I can get it cheap. I thought the league loading/unloading was a nifty feature for those writing or playing long term careers.

    I would be tempted if the AI in FM13 didn't sim quite as many injuries as FM12 does though!

  • I understand what your saying and where your coming from however I think it all depends on what kind of updates and "New features" they release with the new game.

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  • Agreed with all the users above me - they have said everything that's needed to be said about this thread :)

  • So what you are saying is wait and see whats to offer in FM2013?

    Back after long long time.....

  • I have a tendency to play long-running games, and there's not an infinite amount of time to do so (sob), so skipping years works out for me - done it twice now. I do want the load leagues later thing: I've been burned more than once by not having the right stuff loaded from the start. One long running game I had no idea it would be and thought the "short game" would run better if things weren't fully loaded up. And indeed, even lightly loaded, once the career got >10 years, it was interminably slow anyway. a newer pc - bought for other reasons, honest! - helped, but then it slowed down again. In another I apparently just made a mistake, thought I had loaded certain stuff, then got an offer in Germany and have been irritated that the leagues below the Bundesliga aren't playing, so the availability of local players is hard to judge - and worse, I don't get details of our own U23 team which plays in a lower league. So that's a killer feature for me...

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