Man UTD tactic?


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  • First Game for me for FM is FM12.. and i went to play with United.. I Just bought so many and played 4-2-4 and best result was 12-0 against Watford in the cup .. in the league 8-0 against Aston villa.. didnt know what was BBM for a mid.. just put it for fun for Douglas Costa for example.. but now when i play with united and use 4-2-4 i cant score much.. dont know why

  • 's avatar Group Akash 2012-08-07 19:27
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    The teams are starting to get used to your tactic. They set up their team to counter your tactic. You need to change it all up.

  • ^^
    ya but when I first played FM with that tactic .. I won against Madrid , Barcelona .. all of those teams..

  • its obviously a downloaded tactic :P . as akash said mate u need to alter your tactics becasu your opposition get used to it after a while