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  • news outside White Hart Lane report that Harry Redknapp has resigned with immediate effect.Daniel Levy is rumored to be intrested in little know promsing manager Osama Al Saadi from Australia as hes most likey replacement. They have also been rumoured to be intrested in Andre Villas-boas and Rafa Benitez.

    More to follow on this mangerial saga.....

  • After many weeks of speculation Mr Levy has finally decided on the man to take charge of club. The man leading the team wil be 30 year old, virtually unknown Osama Alsaadi. Osama's first task is to keep many key players including the likes of Modric, Bale and Van Der Vaart who many consider to be leading figures of the club.

    Board Expectations

    Premier League- Champions League Qualification
    Euro Cup- second knockout phase
    FA Cup- sixth round
    League Cup- Would like a cup run but evaluating on other competitions

    Media Prediction - 6th place

    Team Budgets

    Transfer- £14.4
    Wage- £1.2

  • have you got any transfer targets in mind. i suggest a new centreback. look at mikel san jose

  • yeah, im looking at strenghting the defence, maybe a new centre back and a left back. Also looking at the possibilty of signing a goal-scoring forward, any suggestions?

  • try huntelaar . hes the best striker on the game

  • Leandro Damião's club want £37,000,000 which turns me off so ill be look at other targets including Huntelaar (£29,000,000) and Cavani (£22,500,000)

  • Tottenham was my first and only save and I won the UCL in my second season, although I got a bit lucky. Didn't sign anyone of note besides Vertonghen and Adebayor.

    I was down 3-1 to PSG after first leg in round of 32, beat them 3-0 at the Lane. In the quarterfinals, I was down 3-0 to Bayern and beat them 4-0 at the Lane. In the semi-finals, I was down 4-1 to Madrid and beat them 5-1 at the Lane. In the final, I beat Barcelona 6-3 in ET. Was down 3-2 (down 3-0 at half), Lennon equalized in the 82'. subbed in dos Santos on the right wing for ET, scored 3 minutes into ET. Scored 2 more times in the second half of ET on the counter as Barcelona had EVERYONE forward.

    Currently in December of season 3, first in the EPL, just starting knockout round of UCL. Still haven't really bought anyone besides young kids with high potential. Madrid offered me Felipe Anderson for 15m right before I beat them in the UCL. Transfer was finalized the day I beat them, haha.

    - Digne is a must purchase as a LWB. He was just as good as BAE after 1 season. I use them both equally.
    - I used Falque heavily in the Europa league (season 1, made the final) and he improved to just about level with van der vaart after a season. Currently rotating him Modric & VDV in Season 3. Felipe Anderson will replace VDV this summer.
    - Start Sandro from Day 1 over Parker. He improves rapidly if you give him the nod.
    - I've had no real need to buy a striker (I still have Adebayor, Defoe & Soulibaly as #3) in Season 3 -- but I rarely play 2 strikers.
    - Bassong is considerably better in FM than in real life. As is Gomes. Gomes was statistically better than Friedel so I started him from Day 1. Still have him in Season 3 -- signed a few high potential kids.

    I haven't had any success in Carling/FA Cup. and have finished 3rd both times in the EPL. Hope this helps some people out.

  • Tottenhm is proud to announce the signing of Mikel San Jose from Athletic Bilbao for reported £6,500,000

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  • Tottenham Hotspur fans are excited at the signing of Klaas Jan Huuuntelaar for a reported £29,000,000 for 04 Schalke. Tottenhm have no ruled out any other new arrivals at the club

  • Month of August results:

    Tottenham 2-0 Swansea (Premier Divison)
    Maribor 0-2 Tottenham (Euro Cup- 4th round qualifier)
    Wigan 1-3 Tottenham (Premier Divison)
    Tottenham 6-2 Maribor (Euro Cup- 4th round qualifier)
    Tottenham 2-1 Aston Villa (Premier Divison)

  • Wow, I'm in the UCL Final for the second season in a row. Was 1-1 with Madrid after away leg, Down 2-1 late in the match but a Luka Modric diving header in the 86' tied it up. Vertonghen then scored off a corner in the second half of ET to win it 3-2. Facing United in the final. Unfortunately, Adebayor is out for the final because of yellow cards. Come on Defoe!

    Four way race for the EPL title between Spurs, City, United and Liverpool. Everyone is within a point of each other.

    If you see this as some sort of thread hi-jack, let me know and I'll stop posting, haha.