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    By Tracy Spencer

    The West Country has had little to excite them in the way of football for some years. This Saturday sees Whaddon road host a mouth watering match between Non league rivals Gloucester City and Forest Green Rovers.

    Having not had the opportunity to face each other competitively for sometime both sets of fans have been looking to this fixture since it was drawn out of the hat a month ago.

    “Its going to be a tough day for us” grimaces David Hockaday “I’ve been keeping an eye out for Gloucester ever since Ben took charge. I must admit I thought it was a ludicrous decision to appoint him, and when he dispanded the squad and brought all that new blood in I expected the worst… Ben has really surprised every in the North , if he carries on the way he’s going we may face eachother more often”

    Gloucester sit at the top of their table but a division above Forest Green occupy 8th 10 points shy of a off spot.

    “Its going to be a wonderful day for the fans” Says Ben “they deserve it, they’ve really got behind the of late and a cup fixture like this one is a way for us to say thank you”

    Asked if he expected to win the fixture Ben replied “Forest Green have to be respected of course, they are a in the accendency but my boys want this. We were embrassed the way we went out of the FA Cup. We need to prove to ourselves and the that we can stand up to the bigger teams ad be counted. Dave’s team won’t underestimate us, I’m sure of it, but we won’t be scared by them. Cup are decided by the team that wants it more, not by divisions.”

    side can be called just that. He has come in a reshaped the side replacing a total of 21 . To get the best out of those players so quickly has been a sight to behold. For the league has to be a priority but the impression that your left with when talking to him about this derby match is that its not a distraction at all. It’s a to define his short career thus far. He wants to win this match, that much is clear.

    Let us know your thoughts on Gloucester City.

    Can they go all the way? Which have impressed you? Is this cup a distraction?

    We want to hear what you think of s mini revolution.

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    Currently steering Gloucester City toward world domination.

  • Coming up to 1000 views. Many thanks for reading.

    If you get a chance let me know what you think of it. Style, story, players etc.

    Its fairly time consuming but enjoyable, considering weather to restrict to a season or not. Let me know. :D :D

    Currently steering Gloucester City toward world domination.