Yorkshires Dream Team . . .

Huddersfield Town.


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  • Extra backup signings

    Luciano Zauri - Free transfer.
    Emmanuel Frimpong - £8m from Arsenal. Paid over 24 months.
    Jimmy Juan - Peterborough for £1.7m.

    After 5 games in the championship, Huddersfield are storming the top of the table with 13 points. Carlos Fierro scoring 7 in 5.

  • I think what impresses me most is not only how insanely attacking your tactic is, but also how many transfer in/out you continue to do and yet still manage to get them to gell, score and win. Nice! Keep it up!

  • Haha, yeah and i get bored of some players so.... :) and will do, cheers!

  • Slight problem, ive gone to load save game and a box comes up saying could not load save game, so it looks like this Huddersfield story is over:/ Make sure you view, comment on my new story soon!!