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  • How do i make my wingers push higher than my CF like arsenal ?

  • Try the following things:
    - Set the wingers with attack duty
    - On team instructions, set roaming to more roaming, with that instructions all the players will move higher up.
    - If none of these work, try to set to often the runs from deep instruction.

  • Hi,
    Arsenal basically have 3 forwards, with their wingers as wide forwards, I have partially copied their tactics on my own game. I have pushed my forwards higher up the pitch and set them as Inside Forwards like this:

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more if you like.

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    Comments are very much appreciated

  • Hi , sorry for the late reply .
    I've been trying to do the recent Arsenal Tactics which the make the Inside forwards push higher than the CF and Overlapping wingbacks . In the picture , Podolski and Chamberlain were playing very near Gervinho and their Overlapping wingbacks reaching the halfway line . Any ideas to do that?

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  • Hi mate, you may wanna try this on your wingers instruction

    this one when you place right footed at right wing and vice versa

    this one when you place left footed at right wing and vice versa

    this one is the most important, set your forward like this

    this will make your forward to come deep and more involve with the play

    also train your wingers to have "get forward whenever possible" and your forward to "comes deep to get ball" on their preferred moves.

    with this tactic when managing swansea, both of my wingers became joint top goalscorer and my forward had the most assists for the club at the end of the season.

    Hope this will help you out :)

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  • Thanks mate , gonna try it and post results soon :) :) :)

  • not working huh, have you train their preferred moves like I mentioned?

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  • I wanna make this works

    train your wingers to have this type of preferred move

    then your forward

    and this time lower your forward mentality to normal

    tell me the result mate

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  • Have you thought about the little thing in advanced player instructions: "switch position with" and setting that the wingers switch positions with the forwards. Had it with Croatia U20s with Kramarić (a quasi-striker) was switching up with Lendrić (another striker) even though Kramarić was on the wing...

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