Genie Scout 2013

Sale Value

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    How come I have just opened Genie Scout, all working perfectly apart from the sale value for every player, mine or not mine, is -1? How can I fix this?

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    Hi! I'm new here, but I use the geniescout for many years. Got this today:

    Access violation at address 007E9BAF in module 'FMGenieScout.exe'. Read of address 00000025.

    Everything was working fine before I got to December. I try re-install, I try it after new year, but still not working. When I try on different teams/games it's just change the numbers of the same message. Thank you for the great work you have done with this software. I hope it work again.

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    i got a similar problem to shuker i get Access violation at address 007CD506 in module 'FMGenieScout.exe'. Read of address 00000178. fm scout was fine until latest update