How to make Football Manager 2013 Run Faster

An in-depth guide in how to make your Football Manager run faster

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    Hello FMers, here is a guide on how to make your Football Manager run faster. The video is from our very own YouTube channel, FMScoutTV, and was made by FiveStarsHD.

    Step-by-step Guide
    1. Open Football Manager 2013
    2. Go to Preferences
    3. Go to the Overview tab.
    4. Go to the Interface section.
    5. Click on the drop-down box for "Interface Rendering Mode".
    6. Select "Software".
    7. Click Confirm at the bottom of the screen.
    8. Enjoy a much faster FMing experience!

    Make sure to subscribe to our channel to view more tutorials and entertaining "Let's Play" serie!

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    I do not understand the changing of GPU to Software,

    if you have a graphics card, changing it to software means your disabling the graphics card which would make the game run slower

    also im new to forum after many years using Neoseeker i have expanded my FM search and found FMScout :)

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    The reason for this is that using GPU assisted rendering also turns on some of the fancy visuals which aren't used by Software rendering, so though the GPU is assisting with the rendering there's also more rendering to be done. The difference in speed isn't huge but I agree with Rookie that Software rendering speeds up the game relative to GPU assisted.

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    noticed you only had 3 boxes with stats and stuff when you clicked on your match report think thats to do with your screen resolution u can change it to have 6 box them 3 hat disappear

    for some reason this says that im from bolton when ive never even been then lol i live in n,ireland
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    just done this, it works pretty fast on my PC anyway, but any little speed bumps are good :)

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    wow this is much faster any other tips as I don't use 3d etc..

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    2 Posts easy and yet never realized and changed that...TY for the tip...

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