BPL Chairman game!!!


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  • Swansea City - Josh Sleightholm

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  • 2013-03-02 09:44#83144 TheChosenOne : Swansea City - Josh Sleightholm

    go for it your in


  • Mohamed Elleithy, Egyptian, Reading.

  • so then do you kind of just make it up? ive read it just still not really familiar with how its all done lol especially the transfers

  • Transfer Deadline Tomorrow Monday 4th of March 2013. @ 11:59pm or 23:59 GMT.

    Important other information. Lucky for some. This Transfer window no contracts will be calculated they will be exactly the same as they were from the players previous club. This is because I didn't put a cap on how many transfer are aloud to be made and that would give me no spare time for more important things. Loaning is now finished as I am putting it into the system already. (Do not be too worried if you haven't got all your players you wanted as your manager will be given a budget to work with and will certainly fill the spots at your. Budgets made at your discretion ). Once deadline is hit all PM's sent after will not be confirmed. Foreign Transfer window will start, all chairmen will be required to send me a list of 3 foreign players to place bids on. (value of bid determined in rules!) and 2 players from the lower leagues in England along with your manager Budgets for the window transfer and wage. This can be 0 for both if wanted. PM me your wanted managers tomorrow and I will tell you the price to sort it out. Along with Facilities PM me any questions making the title *Question*


  • Looking for replacement for southampton chairman


  • I would do this but i have the idea what on earth is going on...do you play games lol

  • I'm new to the site but wouldn't mind taking the Southampton Job if it's available. Ronald Stone will be the name

  • 's avatar Group Joe 2013-03-25 02:10
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    Could I have Southampton. Joe Dowley would be the name of my guy :)