Man Utd-need winger for 3rd season


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  • Im just going into my 3rd season with Manu Utd..i need a winger who can play on both sides, i have 77 million to spend..offered 50 million for bale but Spurs have rejected that offer..any suggestions????

  • what side? im in my third season with arsenal, and i was able to buy neymar for £70m so thats an option for left wing, maybe try mario gotze? if hes still at dortmund

  • I'm also playing with Man Utd and bought Neymar for the left wing (50M) and stephan el shaarawy for the right wing (28M)... In combination with 2 good midfielders and high playing full backs, they could make the difference

  • Gotze is 1 of the best otherwise try the argentine Alfredo Fernandez his also quite good

  • im united just turning into my 3rd season and ive brought sidney sam, shaqiri, zaha is on there, bale, and a geezer called maxillian meyer. have a try and see what u think fella

    good luck and what have you won so far

  • Robben! still class and can play all across the attack really. Not the youngest but worth it!