The 2017 Experiment!


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  • This is a really good idea! Could you take a look at these players for me:
    Fredrik Midtsj√ł
    Markus Henriksen
    Veton Berisha
    Thomas Drage
    Stefan Strandberg
    Jonas Svendsson
    Neal Maupay
    Jelle Vossen
    Fernando Canesin Matos

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  • When will you give us the next update? :)

  • 's avatar Group Kane 2013-05-29 19:25
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    2013-05-29 19:54#106394 oddsiton : When will you give us the next update? :)

    I thought I had posted this, but found out I haven't. Unfortunately, I recently lost all save files on my FM13. I lost my Rubin Kazan story, with my backup too far behind for me to want to continue, and as this was over one day, I didn't bother backing it up. Therefore, the 2017 Experiment has come to an unexpected end. Nevertheless, The 2018 Experiment will be happening for the release of FM14 and will be 100x better, with a lot more!

  • Ahh, so sad, but really looking forward to the 2018 challenge! :) This is a very nice concept! :)

  • Have you considered skipping forwards until around 2019/2020? I don't think players are fully developed until they're 25/26, so that would give you a better idea of how effective a player will be when he is in his prime, rather than on the edge of his prime. Just a thought!