Paris SG - The French Revolution


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  • As I don't intend to make a real story with this I decided to put it in Challenge section.
    I'm starting a save with Paris Saint-Germain and I've fixed myself some conditions.

    - I can only sign French players. This for the 2 or 3 first seasons, I will then maybe change this to the only foreign players I sign can't be more than 21 or something like that.

    Match day (first season)
    - Each line-ups need to includs 8 French players.
    - I can have three foreign on the bench and they can all come on.

    Squad (second season)
    - No more foreign players in the team!

    How will I do this?
    I don't know if I'm going to play a lot at this save as I want to focus on my Dartdord Story but I will try to keep this thread updated with screenshots and quick explanation.


  • Thiago Silva is transfer listed!