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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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live on twitch:

Čačić Ante spoted on stadium


Second half soon on:


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This is hard defeat and its hard for me to talk too much about details... i hoped we could at least end match with 0:0 because its visible they are switching to their 75 minute play to end.. i am only sorry i didnt put players more deep .. but lot of things was going trough that minute marks and what to say... i think they deserved win but i also belive we were not good enough .. its also hard for players us for supporters and now we need to put our heads up and do our best in HNL 1 since we also lack points there... no time to rest .. but i will for sure take care that players have a good time in look of city and try to cheer them up with one day off. Thank you.

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Dave Diaz IV before match against Istra.

We are ready for Istra and Slaven Belupo more than other matches we had before i come to club. Its trough it was very had lose against Groningen on Oosterpark Stadion but we "have been quick". I given players day off in Antwerp ... except few strikers, i do not want to name them... but they know why. We had talk on training next day and little training ... today we arrived to Pula, and we will do light training.

So anyway players know and belive we did good all the way to this match so its sure we will like we play and players will for sure enjoy in next matches with hope of good result and perfomance which will come for sure.

I also belive Soudani will get back into form and for now he will be in first eleven and starting mostly from first minute in important matches. We had talk and we need forwards to start work. No more bullshit.

So Groningen is still in our head, we want revenge at Maksimir but now we need to focus on local competititon and as i sayed we are ready with motivation to play.. so there should be no problem before Sevilla which we scout already and will scout till match us best we can.

Also hard games after that ... Hajduk, Rijeka, Liverpool... name it... so i look toward wins and boost morale before that. Thank you.

NK Istra 1961

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not to be confused with NK Istra.

Nogometni Klub Istra 1961 (English: Istra 1961 Football Club), commonly referred to as NK Istra 1961 or simply Istra 1961, is a football club from Pula, Croatia, currently playing in the Croatian First Division.

The football club NK Uljanik from which the club originates was founded in 1948. In 1961, it joined with another local club, NK Pula, to form NK Istra. For this reason, 1961 is occasionally considered as the club's founding year.

The greatest club success was in the 2002–03 season when they finished runners-up in the Croatian Cup, losing to Hajduk Split 4–1 on aggregate. In the 2004–05 season, the club changed its name into NK Pula 1856, because the year 1856 was the year that the Austro-Hungarian Empire made Pula the port of its arsenal and the shipyard Uljanik was opened. Also in the same year, in competed in the Prva Liga for the first time.

In 2005, it was renamed again to NK Pula Staro Češko due to a sponsorship contract with the brewery Daruvarska pivovara (Staro Češko is a beer brand, a fcking good quality beer). Just one year later, the name was once again changed, this time to NK Pula.

Again, just a year later in summer 2007, the name was changed for the fifth time in as many years, to NK Istra 1961. The change of name came after an ultimatum from the local fans Demons who said the club would have their support only if the club changed its name and club colours to the traditional city colours (yellow and green).

Its crest features the city's Roman Arena in Pula, as well as the old team crest.

Pula play their home matches at the recently renovated Stadion Aldo Drosina, which has a capacity of approximately 10,000 spectators.

Nk Istra 1961 was bought by an American Investment group in 2015 (USA all the way), who led the team throughout the 2015-2016 season, and continues to lead the team into the 2017 season. The NK Istra academy system is very strong and consistently competes for top spots in the rankings (they are going down tho). The current head coach of NK Istra 1961 is Marijo Tot who has found success both on and off the field as a player as well as a manager. After retiring at the age of 26, Marijo enrolled into the Croatian Federation Football academy. At 31 years old, he became one of the youngest ever manager in all the former Yugoslav republic club. Nk Istra 1961 has a rich fan history.

The group of die hard fans are referred to as the Demoni, and are known for their explosive chants and celebrations as well as their extreme pride for the club.

In first match of season with 2K on bench Dinamo played 1:1 on Maksimir. Danijel Zlatar scored goal after 10 minutes of match... save come from Pjaca fabolous strike in 86 minute. Both teams where good at pitch but Dinamo missed lot of great chances.

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ISTRA 1961 v GNK Dinamo

live soon on:

first half analysis


live soon on:

Pejin lectured Daiz IV after a several rude complaints from Dinamo head coach.



First i need to congratulate my players and thanks to supporters but instead of talking about good on this match .. only thing good is that my players are alive. That Pejin has luck i had my fckin silver plate before press conference because i would probably get whole season ban... i honestly dont know was that joke or he was payed by someone from higher position ... i would really like to have my half brother near me now... he didnt need to blow his head but this..

this is reason. You come back from fuckin north, do not sleep, train, doing your fcking job which is not easy... fuck 22.000$ ... i can get that in one day not working here, but i travel with my team, we had hardest match before three days.. dudes... i have come to work to lift Dinamo where it needs to be... and than when all coming to its place, out of fucking nowhere i see mother fucker pretending blind or pretending. I do not want to say too much because i do not want to be baned, team needs me..

but i can assure you that Pejin will never ever judge on Dinamo matches and also i do not require answer from him.. i want to know who wants destroy Dinamo again after we seen so much bullshit on every aspect in this Country. He is not welcome on any Dinamo match for all the time. Its wonder my players are alive. On the end i asked him does he need glasses and he showing me his "badge"... fuck his badge and this microphones also... Dinamo will pay.

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Criminals, you will not

Diaz IV attacked news portal on press conference

This is fucked and sad, everyone on that match know it was the guy payed by to hold that nazi crap ... i do not know why police do not react on events like these and i am not sure who is leading this Country and not punishing news portals for lies like these. This is disgrace, they are fckin scums so far us i am concerned. .

Honestly... i dont know how people before made to get on top with Dinamo with such big pressure. They are trying to put us down with everything they have. This is dangerous job and at least Vucko 2k was right about something... even tho if you ask me i dont know how no one didnt come to idea to put bomb under his car .. that n***a had low value.

Diaz has added comment on Zidane who has sayed that Luka Modric and GNK Dinamo are slaves of evil man.

That is bullshit. True fact is that Zidane is cunt low.
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