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  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:07
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    Fatso Mashego has just asked for early termination of his contract for 5K. Crunching the numbers, I'd pay him more than 7K for the same period, so I am going to accept his offer.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:12
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    Barkhuizen has departed Dynamos for the greener pastures of PSL side Bays Utd. We received 24K for the pleasure.

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  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:13
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    Both the departures of Fatso Mashego and Barkhuizen were received positively by the Board and fans.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:25
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    South Africa are currently ranked 16th in the world. Spain still hold onto top spot, even though they lost the last World Cup.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:33
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    Appealing the WP for Addai, and another two week wait. Fingers crossed!

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 11:36
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    Wow, two very interesting pieces of information. My staff say to expect 14,000 people at the home match against Ajax CT, and we are favourites?!?

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 12:38
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    After the celebrations died down, Dynamos had run away with the PSL match 5-1 in front of 14,770 screaming fans.

    Mashego scored early, Khripunkov scored a hatrick on debut, and youth utility Mhlongo came on for he last half hour and quickly entered himself in the scorebook.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 12:55
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    Two new records were set during the demolition of Ajax CT;

    Mhlongo became the youngest Dynamos goalscorer at 16 years and 303 days;

    Khuzwayo became the youngest Dynamos player at 16 years and 100 days

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 12:57
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    And the ticket office have just confirmed that all 12,150 season tickets have been sold.

    That means that we can look forward to great home support!

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 13:23
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    Onana is serving out him suspension in the reserves - for match fitness....and he seems to be doing well!

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 13:51
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    Over the last month, I have had three of my players leave their respective agents.

    That *HAS* to be great news.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 14:05
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    The good news is that Ahmed Shaaban has been granted his conditional WP and is moving to Dynamos.

    There is bad news, despite waiting and waiting and waiting on the WP, I need to wait some more now, until he is eighteen, which means ninety nine percent of the way to the January transfer window.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 14:09
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    Seidu Addai is now also a Dynamos players, after having his WP granted. It alleviates some of the concerns I had at right back....I've now got to check how/whether I can register him in time for the ACC.

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 14:11
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    Our final match of August was the rivals match against Black Leopards, at home.

    To add some spice to the fixture, it was televised and we were victorious 2-0, but it was also special because it was our first ever sell out of our stadium!

  • 's avatar Group Kiwi 2012-08-05 19:55
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    Amazulu are also in the PSL, so I have to ask, what was wrong with our purchase offer, or loan offering for you? Why would you want to go to a lesser team??