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  • The Better Half's Compact 4-4-2
    The Better Half's Compact 4-4-2
    3 years ago
    A direct and quick counter approach. Use it when you want to sit with many men behind the ball, trying to cut angles and deny space for the opponent.
  • The Better Half's Gyroscope
    The Better Half's Gyroscope
    3 years ago
    Focus the play using triangles. The key is to outnumber and overload all areas the ball is played on when in possession.
  • The Better Half's Deep 4-2-3-1
    The Better Half's Deep 4-2-3-1
    3 years ago
    A split symmetrical counter approach. Whilst trying to keep possession and play compact, denying space between our 3 blocks, we still try more risky passes and utilize more width when attacking.
  • Nuu Skin for FM13
    3 years ago
    The new and improved v2 of Nuu skin for use with Football Manager 2013.
  • Save Game - 2018
    4 years ago
    Here's your chance to play in the future
  • FM12 - Scouting Network
    4 years ago
    Helping you with signing scouts and scouting assignments.

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