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FM11SX for FM2011

The one and only FM utility for Mac returns for FM11

By Updated on Apr 24, 2011   190973 views   163 comments
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Downloads: 22668 / Size: 7.2 kB / Added: 2010-11-23
FM 2011 Scout Utilities - FM11SX for FM2011
FM11SX is the one and only data editor/scout utility for Mac and of course the successor of FM10SX.

FM11SX is a very powerful tool which can both edit game files (saved games) and can scout players and non-players (coaches, etc.). The scouting feature allows you to view (and search for) various hidden attributes, including CA and PA. The search capabilities of the scouting feature vastly exceed the searching of FM2011. FM11SX can open both compressed and uncompressed saved games.

From v0.9.1 onwards it's finally possible to save!

*** Feel free to add FM11SX on your FM fansites, as long as you keep a link back to and credit littleblue as the author!

Important Note
Most attributes (Finishing, Marking, Pace, etc.) used in the game are actually based on a 1-100 scale although when playing a game the user sees them on a 1-20 scale. When using FM10SX (and this is noted throughout the editor) you will need to enter values based on the 1-100 scale. Again, throughout the editor the value range required is displayed.

Updated: 12 Apr 2011 - v1.0 RC6
Released: 23 Nov 2010 - v0.9.0


FM Compatibility:
FM11SX is compatible with patch 11.3, 11.2, 11.1 and 11.1.1.

OS X Requirements
At the moment FM11SX merely supports OS X 10.5 or greater.



1) Extract the .zip archive
2) Move the extracted folder into applications folder or the folder of your choice
3) Double-click to run the app
4) File -> Open -> Choose your save game


What can you do
Load your game (regardless of being compressed or uncompressed) and edit literally thousands of variables. Things like typically player attributes (Finishing, Marking, etc.) to even unusual stuff like the currency rates used in the game.

Enhanced scouting tool allows for searching Players and Staff with a plethora of criteria to choose from (all attributes and even hidden ones like Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA)).

The scout feature also includes handy tools to help you determine the right player or coach. For players a "Growth Rate Probability" rating system is used to show you how likely (and how fast) a player can get to their stated PA. For coaches a coach star rating is built in so you can quickly determine the best training a coach does and how good he/she really is.

Issues/Bug Reports

If you get any errors using FM11SX, such as "Error loading XXX" or "Invalid XXX", you will need to upload your save game somewhere (eg. SendSpace, Filefront) for littleblue to try and come up with possible fixes.
Check out the issue tracker.

What can't you do
  • As noted, games saved are only saved in an uncompressed format
  • You cannot transfer a player to another club (although this is currently be worked on and should be available in the future)
  • You cannot create a new player

FM11SX in your language

How to localise
To help in translating into your language, visit this link and start translating the english text into your language.
e.g. "English" = "English" you would change into "English" = "????????" for Greek

The text in comments like this: /* some comment */ is a message to you, so you know what you are translating and this comment does not need translating.

To help out on an existing language, visit the links above and translate any untranslated strings and let me know by email or on the googlecode page so i can add your translations to the project.

You DO NOT have to translate everything in the file before you can let me know about it. If you just have 5 minutes and want to translate 2 or 3 words, just choose 2 or 3 untranslated words and send them to me and that's 2 or 3 more complete.

Download mirrors:
The app is being released as open source here.


This amazing app was created by littleblue.
Thanks to:
Marco Borghesi - icon set
smgran - lots of stuff including growth rate & various scouting algorithms and the documentation

Like it? Donate to littleblue!

If you like this app and appreciate the effort of littleblue to produce it, please consider making a donation using PayPal.


1.0 RC1 - 4 Apr 2011
- fixed a bug displaying penalties stat column in player scout
- fixed a bug displaying teamwork stat column in player scout
- the scout no longer opens in a separate window
- game loading time has been greatly reduced
- memory usage has been reduced
- associated clubs can now be added to media sources
- regional divisions can now be added to clubs
- nation pickers now close properly
- city pickers now close properly
- the editor section now has a brand new UI
- added nation editing to local areas
- fixed a bug where various entities would cause a crash if displaying where no name had been set by the game
- stadium changes now have proper, descriptive names
- added city pickers to competition boundary city selections in the editor
- added competition level field to the editor
- removed business type from sponsor editing as it has changed, so wouldn't correctly work
- added 11.3 support
- fixed a bug where player name generation would cause a crash in the rare situation where an assigned name is empty
- continent background images and logos now display in the continent section if present in a users graphics folder
- competition background images and logos now display in the competition section if present in a users graphics folder
- the player preview panel in the scout now shows a female default head image if the person is a woman
- the player preview panel in the scout now shows the players photo if the image exists in the users graphics folder
- added a city picker to media source editing
- adding competitions to media sources now adds the correct ID
- removed the defunct "group membership" from nation editing
- added nationality gain type editing to nation editing
- added length, width and area editing to nation editing
- added population editing to nation editing
- added east asian ethnicity to person editing
- changed 'media' title to 'current employer' in journalist editing
- added 'size of agency' to agent editing
- added 'style of writing' to journalist editing
- added character trait editing to journalist editing
- added honesty and curiosity to journalist editing
- added agreement viewing and removal to nation editing
- added banned player viewing, adding and removal to nation editing
- added agent viewing, adding and removal to nation editing
- added coefficient viewing, editing and removal to nation editing
- added human player pool viewing, adding and removal to nation editing
- added recent FIFA ranking points viewing, editing and removal to nation editing
- added shortlist viewing and shortlist minimum reputation editing to nation editing
- added transfer preference viewing and editing to nation editing
- added spoken language viewing and editing to nation editing
- added nations treated as EU viewing to nation editing
- added nations treated as non-foreign viewing to nation editing
- added FIFA ranking matches viewing to nation editing
- added future regen viewing and editing to nation editing
- added tactics editing to nation editing
- ID lookup tool now looks up IDs from UID as well as row ID
- added staff (coaches/physios) to nation editing
- default nation logos now show if no custom logos are assigned
- added alternative stadiums to nation editing
- completely revamped kit editing (Diego_Werderdona should be happy)
- added kit & colour editing to nation editing
- person photos now display in the header for person editing
- added spokesperson editing
- added twitter update type editing to human editing
- added competitions as referee/assistant viewing/adding/removing to official editing
- added past game viewing/editing to official editing
- added editing abilities for 6 more player preferred moves
- scouting knowledges can now be added to staff in non-player editing
- player bans and injuries sections are now viewable even if a player has no bans or injuries in player editing
- added receive type and date injured to player injury viewing
- added decision, reason, scope and start date to ban viewing
- player match forms and team forms now show on the same screen
- identified 3 unknown formations
- contract clause and bonus types will now always display correctly
- club logos now show if set in custom graphics
- identified 1 new club relationship
- added season ticket holders editing to club editing
- added city & chairman editing to club editing
- added training workloads and ratings to club editing
- fixed a bug where transfer embargo dates wouldn't show in the editor for some clubs when they should
- fixed a bug where first teams would show up with a blank name in the team section of club editing
- added team manager editing
- lang_db.dat and FMF extractors now allow you to choose where to extract files to
- file extraction completed messages no longer show if you press the cancel button
- added teams to nation editing
- added more info to the game info view
- person full names are now editable
- double-clicking on a player in a nation or clubs team list now jumps to that person in the editor
- double-clicking staff members in a nation or clubs staff section now jumps to that person in the editor

0.9.4 - 4 Mar 2011
- club competition names are no longer half hidden in the header
- the heal team button in clubs now works properly
- fixed a bug loading news info type 'rfhp'
- fixed a bug loading news info type 'gnlp'
- fixed a bug where editing non-player reputations caused a freeze
- added reputation limits to peoples reputations in the editor
- player scout columns can now be shown/hidden
- added optional player scout columns for height and weight
- added optional player scout columns for international caps/goals and Under-21 caps/goals
- added optional player scout columns for all person stats
- added optional player scout columns for preferred staff roles
- added a player count column to club scout
- added optional player scout columns for all player stats
- fixed a bug preventing nation pickers working properly in the editor
- club physios and coaches now display in the editor
- moved club physios and coaches from team inspector to the club staff tab
- club B-teams can now be viewed in the club teams section of the editor
- club B-team links can now be removed in the club teams section of the editor
- fixed a bug where some staff stats would not display on the 1-20 scale in the staff scout
- staff scout columns can now be shown/hidden
- added optional staff scout columns for all person stats
- added optional staff scout columns for all applicable general stats from player scout
- added optional staff scout columns for all non-playing stats
- added optional staff scout columns for preferred staff roles
- fixed a long-standing bug loading fixtures
- club scout columns can now be shown/hidden
- added optional staff scout column for job
- fixed a bug where nations set by nation picker would (in very rare occasions) not set the new nation
- scope nations can now be added to a media source
- media editing has now been split into general and association sections
- fixed some resizing issues in some sections in the GUI
- scope competitions can now be added to media
- journalists can now be added to media sources
- clients (players) can now be assigned to agents
- linked media can now be added to media sources
- journalists media can now by changed through a picker
- going back from an entity to the main entity search section no longer just shows the previously selected item until you search again
- added a best position/role column to the player scout
- the User Manual link now directs to the correct page
- added a little easter egg :o) Changes
- fixed a bug saving competition histories Changes
- added person stats to the player preview panel in the scout
- fixed a bug saving searches

0.9.3 Changes
- fixed player stat conversion GUI (ie showing 1 instead of 19 or 2 instead of 20)
- fixed a bug editing relationship levels in people, clubs and nations
- fixed a bizarre fixture loading bug
- fixed a bug loading humans in some situations
- you can now import FM shortlists into the scout
- a notification now displays to tell you an FMF file has been successfully extracted when using the tool
- a notification now displays to tell you lang_db.dat has been successfully extracted when using the tool
- editor now correctly checks for updates in background on startup if the appropriate preferences are set
- players can now be properly transferred between clubs
- added a player positional visual view to player preview in scout
- scout search criteria can now be saved, shared and loaded
- fixed a bug causing scout to not return results for player text search on rare occasions
- the scout window now has a proper title as opposed to "window"

Version Changes
- fixed another bug loading humans in 11.2 games
- fixed a bug where checking the show EC nationals box in the scout would cause no results to be shown

0.9.2 Changes
- fixed a bug where staff reputation & PA/CA weren't editable
- fixed a bug where 'maximize all stats' wasn't always visible in player stats
- maximize player stats now sets dirtiness to 1 & aggression to 50
- maximize player stats now only sets goalkeeping stats to maximum if the player is a goalkeeper
- added a heal team button to club team view which removes injuries and fixes condition, fitness and morale
- fixed a bug loading humans
- fixed a bug loading lang_db.dat causing non-english selections to crash
- expanded contract inspector to include contract clause infos, new contract clauses and contract bonuses
- fixed some buggy GUI positioning
- fixed working with youngsters now on a 1-20 scale
- removed set pieces coach rating
- split goalkeeping coach rating into shot stopping and handling - 29 Nov 2010
- fixed a major bug saving clubs

0.9.1 - 29 Nov 2010
- updated icons
- entity retrieval in the editor is now much faster
- fixed a bug where colours were incorrectly displayed sometimes
- fixed a bug where viewing a clubs scouts would cause a crash
- added club header with logo & vital info to club editing
- added nation header with logo & vital info to nation editing
- various UI changes
- split up facilities and LBC details in club editing
- added club youth recruitment editing
- updated all club UI resize rules
- updated nation UI
- added game saving
- added award header with vital info to award editing
- added competition header with vital info to competition editing
- replaced history & club/player/staff scout icons - 28 Nov 2010
- fixed a couple of bugs loading humans
- fixed a bug loading competitions with custom names
- fixed a bug loading unknown person type 17
- fixed a bug loading transfer info type 29 - 24 Nov 2010
- fixed error loading awards
- fixed news info loading bug
- fixed bug where removing all rows from scout filters would mean you couldn't get them back
- fixed the player growth potential column being empty
- fixed a bug loading an italian transfer info - 23 Nov 2010
- fixed many bugs
- added value & asking price search filters to player scout
- added coach rating filters to staff scout
- added growth potential column to player scout
- added PA & CA columns to player editor search
- made scout window remain on top
- pressing space bar on a player scout result row now opens the player preview panel

v0.9 - 23 Nov 2010
Initial release

Download Now
Downloads: 22668 / Size: 7.2 kB / Added: 2010-11-23
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Discussion: FM11SX for FM2011

163 comments have been posted so far.

  • dproton's avatar
    Hey guys. Im playing the game v.11.0.0 and i really wouldn't like to reset it.... Is there any way i can update the game and still play my saved game?! Cause i cant use the editor like this! also, can't the editor be compatible with the first version also? it would really help. Thanks a lot
  • Gabry's avatar
    I had huge problems when trying to load the editor. Thing would only work like one out of 100 attempts after working ok the 1st time I used it. I had OS 10.5.7 or around that. Updated to 10.6.3 and now 10.6.5 and now its faultless. Loads up quick and doesnt crash. Just thought I would share
  • Zeo's avatar
    @ Humsikk: in FM2009 i had a great Indonesian player but i dont know the name anymore only that he was a right back; Do you know of any Indonesian talents for me?
  • Zeo's avatar
    @Littleblue: i have my own translation company, and i would love to translate the app to Dutch or Portuguese for you. Any other languages would need a minor fee, but i bet you can find other FM junkies for that ;)
    I just need some instructions on how to proceed.
  • Zeo's avatar
    To save uncompressed: go to preferences and uncheck the compress save game box. Load in FMSX, then edit whatever you want (and is possible right now) then save and load in FM. If you want to back to preferences and check the compress box again and resave the game, now you have your edited save game as a compressed save game.

    @ Littleblue: Great job, millions and millions of thanks for creating an app for MAC. Ive been playing FM for years and this has always been a problem (not having a MAC app).

    I dont want to start bitching like some peeps, but i somehow cant save changes to club transfer or weekly wage budget. Ive never edited things like that as i feel im cheating but i have 5 starting line up players with ending contracts who i want renew with because theres no money for their contracts. I stopped playing FM last year for a similar reason (maybe i should play with a big club and not with ADO DEN HAAG :( )

    EDIT: Mr. Humsik had already explained the uncompressed saving...oops.
  • dev's avatar
    How do I uncompress a saved game?
  • heyhowie's avatar
    Im having a couple issues with the scout as well, although perhaps im just not using it right.

    When i choose my attribute guidelines, and then scout, the results dont reflect all the guidelines i set but instead only one or two of them. And i do have 'any' changed to 'all'. Am i just using it wrong?

    - Cheers
  • bluestaff's avatar
    Hello littleblue! I have the same problem as NicolasHelle. The Scout function doesn't seem to be working. When I set my filters and hit on "Scout" no results come up, whatever my filters may be. The only thing working properly is the search bar... Thank you!
  • Odinca's avatar
    Hello littleblue. Thank you for creating a very useful and long-expected editor.
    As with previous lads, I seem to have similar problem opening my savegame in your editor. Can you take a look, please?


  • heyhowie's avatar
    Well, another great fmsx, thank you!
  • kopdragon's avatar
    Works a treat so far. Ace
  • humsikk's avatar
    Yes, finally i can edit players and save the game.

    First step, you need to save your game in uncompressed file, which means larger than the compressed one (ex. into Run FM11SX and load the uncompressed file (ex. Now, edit it whatever u want. And save it into different name (ex.

    Back to fm2011, load your edited save game (, go to preferences, and choose to compress save games. And after that, save your game again. So you can have smaller file size. Delete the rest save game files (which u don't need anymore) in your document-sports interactives-fm2011-games

    Do the same thing if you want to edit your game again. Happy Editing!! :)

    (Sorry for my English, i'm Indonesian)
  • jbbaxxter's avatar
    Hello, my problem is:

    I CANNOT save. I have FM11SX Version 9.1.1. and the newest FM Patch (11.1.1)
    But a great job for this program!
  • NicolasHelle's avatar

    I can't make the scout function work.. When i open the program i load my save file, so it loads awards, cities, clubs etc. When i've done this I pres the scout botton in the top of the screen, but there is no list of players I can filtre. Am i doing anything wrong?

    Btw. I would love to translate into danish for you.
  • littleblue's avatar
    need to upgrade fm to 11.1.0 or 11.1.1 :)
  • mabs2k10's avatar

    i keep getting this message (see below), i cant seem to install the patch. anyone help me?

    1st - Message

    Incompatible Database Version - 1567

    The version of FM this game was saved under is not compatible with this editor

    2nd - Message

    Error Loading Game

    Your game could not be loaded
  • kopdragon's avatar
    probably a stupid question, but how do i upload the game?
  • littleblue's avatar
    there have been a couple of loading bug fixes since - if you upload your game I can fix it for you :) As SI haven't released the format for their db structure and are unlikely to ever do so, sometimes it is a trial and error situation for me - fixing bug by bug til none are left and the structure is known :P It is fairly stable at the moment though so Im getting there :)
  • kopdragon's avatar
    I'm having a similar problem to our friend from earlier. on my mac book pro, the save game isn't loading. Any help/suggestions?

    I am using the patched version of the game.
  • littleblue's avatar
    not unless you want to translate everything :P
  • MacKay60's avatar
    so I can't change the language of FMSX into French ?
  • littleblue's avatar
    that isn't app language, it is lang_db.dat language
  • MacKay60's avatar
    Hi, I have a little problem to change the language.

    I've read the wiki and I'm going in Preferences : Language : I check into French but the language is always in English.

    I've restarted the FMSX but it's always in English. So I've tryed with other language and it's always in English.
    There is a solution ?
  • littleblue's avatar
    bug - fixed your bug
  • littleblue's avatar
    are you using 0.9.1 or

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