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FMRTE for FM2012

In game real-time editor for Football Manager 2012

By on Oct 23, 2011   Nov 04, 2011   612239 views   50 comments
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Downloads: 217397 / Size: 15.4 kB / Added: 2011-10-23
FM 2012 Data Editors - FMRTE for FM2012
Football Manager Real Time Editor is the first app to become available for FM 2012! FMRTE is mainly an in-game editor but also a scout tool available for Football Manager 2012.
FMRTE has been available since FM 2008 and we have seen it evolve greatly since then. It is mostly known as the most popular save game editor that lets you change finances, club reputation, stadiums, kits, player attributes, personal information, CA / PA, positions, heal injuries, contracts and lots more with ease, while the game is loaded.

Released: 23 Oct 2011 - v5 (beta)
Updated: Dec 2011 - v5.1+

Since v5.1 FMRTE has become a premium application. There is a free version available but is for scouting only, and the actual editing is disabled. As a result, we will no longer update this download page until a fully functional free version is released. Our official statement on the matter can be found on the thread "Annoyed, I need to donate to use FMRTE" (Post I - Post II).
Download button will take you to the official FMRTE website now.


It doesn't work for FM12 Demo.
Looking for the Mac edition? iFMRTE for FM12


If you don't know if you have .NET Framework 4.0 installed please download FMRTE installer version, or run the application "NET-Detector" that is inside FMRTE Folder, it will check if you need to install .NET 4.0 or not.


Important Notes:

  • FMRTE is in beta and may have bugs that can crash your game, use it at your own risk, and make sure you backup your savegame!
  • If a player has retired from international football, FMRTE won't show it on player profile. Go to player relations screen instead!
  • Changing a player/staff name will affect all players/staff that has the same name
  • Using the swap feature may corrupt your savegame, please use it carefuly!

Bug reports:

PLEASE if you see any weird attribute, DO NOT CHANGE IT, and let the developer know HERE. This is where you should report any other bugs as well.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

F4 - Load game data
F3 - Sets focus on Search textbox, so you dont need to select the search textbox to search for players
F5 or CTRL+R - Reloads the FMRTE current screen (same as click refresh button)
CTRL+S - Saves FMRTE current screen (same as pressing the Save button)
CTRL+F - Opens FMRTE Search Filter Window
CTRL+M - Opens FMRTE Mass Edit Window
CTRL+SHIFT+W - Closes all tabs
CTRL+NUMBER - Adds a new tab with the gamer club, if are playing with two managers, you can use CTRL+1 and CTRL+2


This application is created by Ruci and this is his official site.

SPECIAL THANKS: To all users that have helped this project with donations!! And to all other users that helped with suggestions and bug reports.


5.0.1 to 5.0.2
  • Added support for 12.0.4 Patch
  • Added a new feature that will (hopefully) make FMRTE compatible with future minor patches for FM12
5 to 5.0.1
  • Fixed a bug that caused loan contracts to be hidden some times
  • Fixed years to gain nationality
  • Fixed the a bug when freezing players
  • Added League Tables
  • Added Match Preparation
  • Added support for 12.0.3 Patch
  • Added support for the Russian version of FM
4 to 5
  • Support for FM 12 (Demo is not supported)
  • Added a new skin, the old one is still there, you can change it on FMRTE Settings
  • Added Clubs/Nations Tactical Attributes
  • Added Clubs Transfer Embargo Appeal date
  • Added Clubs Average Match/Season ticket price (changing this don't seem to have any effect on game..)
  • Added Clubs Supporter Profile
  • Added Nations 'Gain Nationality Type'
  • Added Nations Transfers Preferences (Nations and Continents, regions will be added in a future version)
  • Added spoken languages to staff/humans
  • Added a new relation type, for International Football Retirement
  • Added new affiliations types (Normal, Good Relations, B Club ....)
  • Fixed Declared for Nation (it wasn't working on FMRTE v4 for FM11)

Download Now
Downloads: 217397 / Size: 15.4 kB / Added: 2011-10-23
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