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Carlo's Action Facepack 2018

2017-18 megapack of players & staff in top quality action style. Regular updates. Last re-up: 20 October @ 8,500 tiles.

By on Aug 03, 2017   Oct 20, 2017   58820 views   47 comments
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Downloads: 17988 / Size: 829.0 MB / Added: 2017-08-03
Football Manager 2017 Facepacks - Carlo's Action Facepack 2018
Welcome to my 2017-18 season facepack.
DF11 panels make it look nice.
Updates will come with every 500 new players.

Below are previous years' projects. Click on the logo to download.

2,521 files, 254mb

8,286 files, 724mb

7,810 files, 723mb

(all older seasons have been scrubbed of doubles)

How to add Action Facepack 2018 to FM17

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folder to:
    Regular FM:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\faces\
    FM Touch:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager Touch 2017\graphics\faces\
    Create the folders "graphics" and "faces" if they don't exist.

  3. Open Football Manager 2017 (or Touch) and go to Preferences > Interface.
    Click the "Clear Cache" button. Return to the same screen.
    Enable "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences".
    Click the "Reload Skin" button.
    There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done action facepack should be working within the game.

Download Now
Downloads: 17988 / Size: 829.0 MB / Added: 2017-08-03

Discussion: Carlo's Action Facepack 2018

47 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    FM18 is not even released yet and your pack has already more pictures compared to each of your individual packs from previous 3 years.
    Keep up the good work! :)
  • nick118118's avatar
    ok m8 i have quite a lot of england league 1 & others how do i send them m8?
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    @nick Thanks - if you send me the pictures uncropped I can do them myself. Much easier. PM me if you want to get involved!
  • nick118118's avatar
    i can make them put how do u get the round edges on each corner(im using photoshop cs6). any help would b great.
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    with a lot of graft and a little love
  • nick118118's avatar
    how do u make these facepacks ????
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    I'm on holiday this week so no update. Check back next weekend!
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    no. sorry.
  • nick118118's avatar
    can u please do a small pack of updates not one big update of all the files updated thanks.
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    @Patres I realise that mate. I'd welcome him sending me pictures, but I've found that the photoshop process baffles pretty much everyone!
  • Patres10's avatar
    @carlosfierro dark warrior™ maybe wants to help you and wants a template from you ;)
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    @dark warrior - there's no PSD. The tiles are created with a few photoshop tricks.
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    is it open source the facepack or is there download for the psd ?
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    @dark warrior - not many outside of Partizan and Red Star I'm afraid.
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    @carlosfierro is there serbian players ?
  • xiquinho2000's avatar
    your facepack is very good although the Portuguese leagues are incomplete and missing photos of some portuguese players who are abroad eg nani bruno jordan pedro neto and etc continues with the good workand if you can make some updates to facepak to add photos
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    New update today, with 500 new players and staff. Proper summer transfer updates begin next week!
  • Totti47's avatar
    Thank you sir.
    I'm always asking cuz i'm at first assuming it's a bug only for me, so thanks for clarification and for your perfect work :)
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    Amended pack is now up. On behalf of all at Air Carlos we hope you had a pleasant flight, and will consider travelling with us again.
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    Ah bugger. My mistake. I'll do it next upload. You can make your own in two seconds with fmxml, which is on this site.

    @ Totti - cos I'm not perfect, despite appearances. Why is the sky blue?
  • Teejay99's avatar
    Config.xml file in the folder 1-2017 is missing so the players didn't show in the game pls upload config file or send config xml file download link only Its needed urgently
  • Totti47's avatar
    There's no "config.xml" in the folder "1-2017" that's make the players in the folder didn't show up in the game!
    Can you upload only the file plz?
    and why its page on the site say its size is 652 mb while its actual size is 405 mb?!
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    @Eirik - Yes, the 9,000 other people who downloaded the pack have exactly the same problem.
  • Eirikjorgensen's avatar
    It looks nice! But none of the players showed above are in it. I searched using their unique-ID in the folder, and found nothing :/
  • carlosfierro's avatar
    Update today with 700 new players and lots of big names improved.

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