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AlexMorak FM22 Skin v2.0

A dark, slightly minimal and as light as possible skin for Football Manager 2022 with respect in this year's game colours. Optimized for 1920x1080 screen resolution.

By Updated on Jan 04, 2022   82289 views   118 comments
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Downloads: 20291 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2021-10-27
Football Manager 2022 Skins - AlexMorak FM22 Skin v2.0
This is still a work in progress project. Some elements might change in the future.
Please report any bugs that you'll find in order to fix them if I can.


- Changes in colours.
- More detailed home screen.
- More detailed player overview.
- More detailed player popup.
- More detailed staff overview.
- More detailed staff popup.
- More detailed club overview.
- More detailed schedule panel.
- More detailed in-between-highlights panel and fully customizable.
- Custom views for players and tactics.
- Staff list like old FMs.
- Scouting panels with attributes. (WIP)
- Dark tactics panel.
- Dark match sheet before matches.
- Overhauled team introduction before matches.
- Instant result before the matches and in the matches if you want to skip a match.

Update History:

- v1.0: 27/10/2021 (Original file)
- v1.1: 30/10/2021 (Changes in panels)
- v1.2: 30/10/2021 (Hotfix)
- v1.3: 02/11/2021 (Micro-fixes)
- v1.4: 04/11/2021 (Biggest update so far)
- v1.5: 05/11/2021 (Hotfix)
- v1.6: 10/11/2021 (Official Release's Fixes, New Scoreboard)
- v1.7: 10/11/2021 (Bug fixes in training panel)
- v2.0: 04/01/2022 (Various fixes to problems caused by updates)


Your suggestions are welcomed down in the comments, please provide me some screens to understand what you mean. Keep in mind the minimalistic feeling of the project. Most of the panels and elements are not my creation so I don't ask for money, enjoy the game with a look that I enjoy too. I'll answer to any of your suggestions when I see them, and I'll do them if I like them too.

Supported Resolutions:

- 1920x1080, 100% Zoom
- Any resolution above 1920x1080
- Anything else WILL NOT work properly and stop sending me "bugs" about these things when you don't play the game in the resolution and the zoom this skin was made.


- Direct Messages on Twitter
- Direct Messages on Instagram
- More info about my work here.

Credits and Thanks to:

- KojuroPP, creator of Kojuro Skin.
- Entreaty, creator of LIVID 22.
- Krysler, creator of Heffem Skin.
- MichaelMurrayUK, creator of the mods and widgets.
- WannaChupBrew, creator of Wannachup Instant Result Skin.
- FMEnhanced, creator of FMEnhanced Skin.
- Keysi, creator of Rensie Dark Skin.

AlexMorak Skin Preview


1. Download the .rar archive and use a tool such as WinRar for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

2. Move the extracted folder "AlexMorak Skin vX.X" to your skins folder: User\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\skins\

3. Run Football Manager 2022 and go to Preferences > Interface. You should see "AlexMorak Skin vX.X" as an option in the skin drop down. Make sure you've unticked "Use caching to decrease page loading times" and ticked "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences". Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 20291 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2021-10-27
alexmorakgaming's avatar
About alexmorakgaming

YouTuber, Streamer & Caster
Creator of FMTGW Official Skin
Creator of Do It Like Greeks Skin

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Discussion: AlexMorak FM22 Skin v2.0

118 comments have been posted so far.

  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
  • GianStam's avatar
    Μπράβο ρε Alex που το ανεβασες εδώ το skin και ήθελα να το χρησιμοποιήσω
  • GreekzGoEliteZ's avatar
    Excellent work!Well done!
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Thank you. It's not something that I'm a fan of. The cities I mean. I think is too much and don't give anything substantive to the game.
  • Itzal's avatar
    Thank you so much for your skin, the best I’ve seen so far. Are you thinking of adding pictures of the miniature cities in addition to the stadiums?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Yes I cannot find a solution to this, you can see what you want from the profile, I've included all the informations, I think.

    Kojuro will update his skin soon, you should try them both to see what suits you, but thank you :)
  • mattythehammer's avatar
    great skin, only issue im finding is on club info on general section the top information where legends and rivals are you cannot read or see it. This info has a scroll down section but this doesnt seem to help. i can ping a photo over if this helps.
  • Scarecrow's avatar
    Amazing skin. I was waiting for Kojuro skin to look like what it used to in FM21, but thanks you, I don't have to wait anymore
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    thanks :D
  • sirKail's avatar
    keep it up mate! anxiously waiting your updates! thank you
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Just untick in the preferences the option "Automatically override custom panels".
    Except from this I cannot do anything else, Some panels in the overview WILL be resetting every time you open the game.
  • nuno1221's avatar
    alex , do you fix the panels in player profile , where for example , i select one panel to show , and every time i check again one player profile , change ?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    I have edited the popup overview of the players that Enteaty at LIVID 22 had to match my own taste, I've edited the sheet that the players' name is written before the games and have made it dark gray instead of white, some fixes from the feedback in the comments etc.
  • nuno1221's avatar
    what update do you make today alex ?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Glad to hear about it.
  • abrod266's avatar
    @alexmorakgaming ah yeah I do play on a smaller resolution (1440 x 900) since I use my laptop. zooming out to 85% text size fixes it
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    There is no space to show the history and career stats. In what resolution do you play the game? Smaller than 1920x1080? Do you play the game windowed? Try to unzoom from the preferences to see if the issue goes away.
  • abrod266's avatar
    Hey man, I really like the skin! One issue I found when using it in my save - the history window on staff members' profile is not working properly. No info or teams are shown. Here is a screenshot to show what I mean
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    You take your mouse in the edge and drag it like a window in your pc, same with dividers, you can hide some of them by dragging them right to edge the screen. And from the dropdowns you can change what you want to show.
  • Fox's avatar
    My match skin is all bunched up, how do i get it spread out like the one on here?
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Thank you!!
  • gregoradem21's avatar
    Best skin from the best creator !Thank u for this amazing skin !
  • junior64cyp's avatar
    nice one!!! great job
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar
    Thank you.
  • THEGREEKDUDE's avatar
    Im suprised!! Amazing Job !!

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