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Andromeda FM18 Skin

Andromeda dark skin for Football Manager 2018. High resolution ONLY (1920 x 1080). Feature-packed as always (background selector, dozens of custom panels, various tweaks).

By Updated on Aug 15, 2018   119836 views   55 comments
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Downloads: 29111 / Size: 168.2 MB / Added: 2017-11-24
Football Manager 2018 Skins - Andromeda FM18 Skin
Andromeda FM18 Skin Version 3

Released: 24 Nov 2017
Updated: 15 Aug 2018

High Resolution only (1920x1080p).

Low resolution 1366 x 768 using zoom 85% version can be found here:

Download Laptop Version

Also compatible with DF11 face packs!!

Any feedback will be a big help, I can be contacted via my Andromeda skins group on facebook, Click Andromeda Home button on the titlebar.

Credits & Special Thanks

In the making of this skin, I used xml & gfx files of various skin makers as well as my own ideas. Therefore I would like to thank them and credit their work and creativity.
My good friend Henrik Reinholt Lund
Emil Debski
FM Gunzo
Ivan aka bossland
Also, I would like to thank The tester and the Andromeda community for helping me and reporting any issues. Thank you!

Andromeda FM18 skin Preview

Download Now
Downloads: 29111 / Size: 168.2 MB / Added: 2017-11-24
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Discussion: Andromeda FM18 Skin

55 comments have been posted so far.

  • Jeffdekker's avatar
    How can I change Text Colour from Dark to lighter?
  • thebantams's avatar
    andm yes open the skin then open the graphics folder then delete the cursor folder and reload the skin, This will send back to default
  • thebantams's avatar
    syaamil97 that's false. Click manager screen then use the my profile tab
  • andm's avatar
    anyway to change the mouse cursor back to normal ?
  • syaamil97's avatar
    this skin not have function for skip the day such as skip for a week...just have function to go next to each day only??
  • jaysdailydose's avatar
    The low-res version is no more, eh?

    Used your skin religiously the past seasons, guess I'll be sadly moving on, unless it is in another area. (But I'm not getting that impression.)

    Always been fantastic work, highly recommended to those that play in high-res. :) I play on a laptop, so it was always heaven sent for me.
  • mati_motorloco's avatar
    hi guys, can anyone tell me how can I change the font for the goals scored and minutes in the scoreboard? thanks
  • Sgt_Bobbins's avatar
    Excellent skin but since 18.3.3 a couple of problems.
  • restet's avatar
    team talks fixed in v4
  • Airbourne's avatar
    Teamtalks need updating please?! Great skin.
  • restet's avatar
    Vlietje60 I used WinRAR 5.50. Works fine
  • Vlietje60's avatar
    Anyone can say how i can download this file.
    Every time i have downloaded this file it says.
    The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
  • restet's avatar
    team talks fixed in v4. you must update and reload skin.
  • dafo83_sweden's avatar
    Problem in the talk screnn before, in and after a game. like the pic.[img][/img]
  • restet's avatar
    bad fonts in v4, I still use fonts from v3. team talks works fine now.
  • Ajidan's avatar
    Team talks don`t work for me also :( Have to hand them over to the assistant
  • Vlietje60's avatar
    When i download the V4 skin i get an error when i want to open it in winrar.
    It said that the file has broken or incomplete
  • Don Logan's avatar
    Forget what I said below. Reloaded the skin and everything is working. Top work. Thanks
  • Don Logan's avatar
    As has happened to a lot of skins since the recent update, the team talks no longer work. Have to hand them over to the assistant. Restet below shows the issue.
  • Stejawiko's avatar
    Hey thebantams,
    having a problem since the FM update and it does not seem to be fixed by your Skin V4:
    In the tactic screen, when I click on a position for which I already put a player in, it forwards me to the player profile instead of allowing me to give personal instructions. Once I remove the player from the position and click on the jersey, it allows me to give player instructions - so it all works fine.
    This really is not a huge issue but my brain is having a hard time adapting to it.
    Cheers and thanks,
    favourite Skin btw.
  • restet's avatar
    In 18.3 team talks don`t work anymore...
  • lijieneo's avatar
    Anyone one notice this: before there are two options in "Instant Result" one was "simulate", other is "use game plan". Why every skins' "Instant Result" left last option which is "leave the game to your staff by using your Game Plan"? Anyone know whats the difference?
  • arturpm's avatar
    help me i cant start a game
  • arturpm's avatar
    i cant start a game
    the skin dont have choice to start, please help me
  • TheCed's avatar
    So I got this problem.

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