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Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool

A very offensive Football Manager 2015 tactic that is also very solid at defense.

By Updated on Jun 13, 2015   81512 views   87 comments
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FM 2015 Tactics - Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool
I am here to post my first tactic. I manage Liverpool, the team that I support. I used this tactic at the last past of first season and still using it on my second season. I would say briefly that this is a very offensive tactic but also very solid at defense.


Last Part of 1st Season Schedule

1st Season Transfers

2nd Season Schedule

2nd Season Transfers

2nd Season League Table

Match Stats

As you see, I've got great results and now I am currently unbeaten into the 2nd season.

Players to use

Let's talk a bit about the players and the critical points:

GK: I used Mingolet, good golkeper is always bonus but not necessarily you can use a standard one.

DR/DL: İn the 1st season I used Johnson-Clyne-Alex Sandro-Moreno. This kind of players are very good for this tactic.

DMC: This position is the safety valve of our tactic. Defensive attributes very important specially tackling, also if he is a technique player he will build games very effectively from back. For example, Emre Can-Lucas Romero-Leiva

MC: Defensive attributes very important for this position too. For example Handerson-Allen-Lucas Romero-Emre Can

ML: Bernard is very good for this position, also I use Alex Sandro-Markovic-Lallana-Coutinho

AMR: You should use right foot players for here. Sterling-Lallana-Markovic

ST: Balotelli-Sturridge-Fierro

Don't use Team Talk's Pre-Match and Half Time, let the Assistant handle that.

I would be glad if you share results, have a good game...

Download Now
Downloads: 19718 / Size: 39.7 kB / Added: 2014-12-07
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Discussion: Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool

87 comments have been posted so far.

  • akridas-4-'s avatar

    what about pre-season and through season training??
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar

    Eywallah... Antrenmada özel bişey yok sezon öncesi 10-15 gün yüksek kondisyon okadar. haa oyunculara kendi rollerini calıstırıyorum ve ek pozisyon.

    I didnt use anything special execpt for, in preseason 10-15 days high condition training.
  • obasln's avatar
    Taktiğini deneyeceğim şimdi . Rica etsem antrenmanları nasıl yaptığını söyler misin ?
    Takipteyiz Abuzer :)

    I'm gonna try your tactic.Can you tell us how we should do training on preseason and in season ? Thanks. I'm following you.
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    Robelink :

  • 8willz's avatar
    This tactic is really good, in my 3rd season with AFC wimbledon I was close to the relegation zone in league 1. After using this tactic I slowly made my way up the table to finish the season in 6th. I highly recommend this!
  • Robelink's avatar
    who takes corners?
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    Dont use, also dont use asitant advice
  • Robelink's avatar
    what oi's do u use?
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar

    gk-mignolet i used same

    dr-johnson firt season i bought clyne also johnson played, second season i didnt sing with johson, i bought kyle walker.

    cd-lovren first season i bought balanta, lovren sakho-skerttel they all played. Second season ibought papa from salke and sold skertel
    cd-skertelfirst season i bought balanta, lovren sakho-skerttel they all played. Second season ibought papa from salke and sold skertel

    dl-moreno- i bought alez sandro in turn they played.

    dmc-gerrard is not suitable for this position. leiva-lucas romero-emre can in turn they played

    mc-herdeson is very good also u can use allen, emre can lucas romero

    ml-suso is not bad but i bought at mid season bernard he is exelent, also u can use lallana and markovic

    amr-sterling is the best for here, also lallana-markovic u can use

    am-coutinho is the best also u can use lallana and markovic and suso

    st-balotelli your choice also you can use sturridge

    Sorry about my poor english :D
  • fmForeva's avatar
    Abuzerkadayif • Thanks so much its working great many wins in 15mins of time ty :) Started with Livorno like you did going AMAZING :)
  • zaq's avatar
    Hi Abuzerkadayif

    i'm using this eleven:


    Do you any advice on it?

    i know that suso on the ML is not good instead i use lallana

    Please let me know
  • lpamic's avatar
    This tactic is absolutely magnificent. I'm playing with Dinamo Zagreb and kicking ass in the league and in the Champions League we won againts Bayern and passed the group. Very good tactic!
  • zaq's avatar

    i'm using gerrad/lucas leiva/romero as DM and henderson/can as mc is it good or not?
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    I am still using.
  • Dynamo79's avatar
    Really impressive results!

    Does this tactic still work in patch 15.2?
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar

    I am still using home anda away i dont have any problem yet. DMC and MC are very important at this tactic (for defance), you must use player that have strog defancive attributies. Maybe it could be about that.
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    fmForeva :

    Download the tactic first, after Copy .tac to tactics folder in fm folder at your pc. After that, open the game, go to tactics menü add new tactic-saved tactics, you will see it there.
  • zaq's avatar
    hi guys,

    this tactic seems to be very good especially at home (win 4-1 against Atletico,5-1 to psg and 3-0 to Arsenal) but away i've got some problem (lost already 3 games in the league 5-1 vs Southampton) and conceed a lot of goal from corner.

    Actually i'm 6th on the league with 7win 2 drew 3 lost

    Do you have any experience of that and any advice would be really appreciate.
  • fmForeva's avatar
    Can you or someone tell me how to instal this because I havent been doing this until now and this seems to be very positive so help me I want to have it Reply and thanks
  • h1rsty's avatar
    Excellent tactic, Destroying every team with it I have also changed steam to start in offline mode as i dont want a patch to ruin it. Try this tactic, you will not be sorry
  • Khoachin's avatar
    Could you tweak this tactic to the right side as well? :) It would be awesome!
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    I tried tactic with Livorno at Serie B. First season I've chosen to loan young player without money.

    And this is the result, I won Serie B unbeaten;
  • tharrlay's avatar
    Well, i just created this acc to comment here...If u guys r looking for the best tactics, then don't worry.. U r in the right place..I've tested all tactics from fmscout and my ownn tactics...none of them works perfectly...This is far the best tactics in FM 15.. i won bundesliga and german cup with schalke in first season with only 3 away loses...then in my second season, i won everything including i'm going to test with more smaller teams.....
    @Abuzerkadayif...sir, i salute you..u r a true genius..
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar
    Copy .tac to tactics folder in fm folder at your pc. After that, open the game, go to tactics menü add new tactic-saved tactics, you will see it there.
  • zaq's avatar

    i've downloaded your tactic but it's a tac file and cannot be imported into FM 2015.

    Please could you tell me what i have to do to use your tactic

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