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Bigpole's FM2017 17.3 Transfer Update (23/04/2017)

Transfers and Data Update for Football Manager 2017 which includes around 2,800 changes in the database (missed in 17.3 update and after winter transfer window)

By Updated on Apr 23, 2017   114897 views   46 comments
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Downloads: 37677 / Size: 108.3 kB / Added: 2016-12-14
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - Bigpole's FM2017 17.3 Transfer Update (23/04/2017)
Hi everyone, I'm BigPole and some of you may recognize me from official FM forum or other community forums (I'm an Polish AR as well).

Here I'm giving you my biggest update yet (doesn't include as many changes as others because I focused on transfers and player data changes, not league or competition updates).

What's included ?

- Transfers all over the world (My main focus is Europe, Asia, Africa and South America)
- Loan endings and post-transfer window ones that game doesn't include
- Nationality changes, second nationality added/removed/changed
- Many retirements in lower leagues from France, Italy, England, Belgium and Germany
- Manager changes from all over the world

I put a massive amount of spare time in this and I hope that you'll like this update as much as I.

Of course suggestions, errors and questions are warmly welcomed - I'm only human after all :)

How to install ?
1. Just put downloaded file in this location
Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2017 / editor data (create one if doesn't exist)
2. Tick my database when you're starting a new game.

Download Now
Downloads: 37677 / Size: 108.3 kB / Added: 2016-12-14
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About Bigpole

Football Manager Assistant Researcher.

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Discussion: Bigpole's FM2017 17.3 Transfer Update (23/04/2017)

46 comments have been posted so far.

  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    @Omelka - around 60% is done, today or tomorrow I'll upload file with Czech, Slovakia and Slovenia leagues updated
  • Omelka's avatar
    Is there changes in czech republic?
  • Guigui92's avatar
    ok thx bigpole
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    @Guigui92 - not a chance
  • Guigui92's avatar
    Did this update works for fm 2016 please ?
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    @ReeceH1994 - are you sure that you've ticked my update before starting a new game ? Because there's no way he isn't loaned in my update.
  • ReeceH1994's avatar
    that's odd then, I only see him with Milan on the update for this:(
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    @ReeceH1994 - he must be, I did him for sure.
  • ReeceH1994's avatar
    can I ask is Niang at Watford? I see him only at Milan at the moment. thanks in advance!
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    @varoth - surely will be done :)
    @backothedoc - I'm not messing in ownerships, let's wait and see what they do with Lille in 17.3 update.
  • Backothedoc's avatar
    Hey BigPole, cheers for the update, looks great. I'm buzzing for a new challenge, have you updated Lille's situation - new owner etc?
  • Varoth's avatar
    Loving the update man! One little thing I have noticed is Moha El Ouariachi is now on loan at Heart of Midlothian :)
  • BasFM17fan's avatar
    Bigpole great that you support Olympique de Marseille! OM is a Fantastic club and the best in France! Allez l'OM! That is a reason why i downloaded this data pack! Because you are a supporter of l'OM :) xD
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    sorry my bad, fixed now
  • rossdavies11's avatar
    You haven't changed any of the coaching staff at Swansea?
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    Like in update 17.3, the transfers will be already done and you start the season without oscar.
  • Gooner7's avatar
    Do the transfers go through at the time they will/did in real life? For example, will Oscar's transfer to China go through in the winter break? Or will Chelsea just start the season without Oscar?
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Bigpole Page Author3 years ago
    sudeepdinakar - did not remove them because the players were injuried in the start of the season anyway
    zbladzg - I did - is there any problem with them ?
  • sudeepdinakar's avatar
    What about injuries ?
  • 1227andy's avatar
  • zbladzg's avatar
    Are you remove chapeconense players...R.I.P...

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