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Blister'18 Logos Megapack by

Over 42 000 logos by including all playable FM clubs and nations for Football Manager 2018. One of the largest packs available.

By on Oct 30, 2017   39221 views   32 comments
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Downloads: 15451 / Size: 1.6 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
Football Manager 2018 Logo Packs - Blister'18 Logos Megapack by
For the first time, is releasing a graphic asset for Football Manager. Confident in the abilities of our team (at the origin of Evo Kits or Insert Logos), we decided to dedicate ourselves to a logo pack. It’s a very simple visual designed to attrack your eyes.
This style shines best on the most colourful logos. It is usable in game but also to illustrate any story you can make.

We’re proud to present the “Blister’18” ! The template was made by Groot and the name choosen courtesy of Guru.
A little story hides behind this name. Return to childhood two minutes, i’m pretty sure you’ve already play to card game such as Magic, Pokemon & such. So this name reflects the style that kind of remind of old card packs when they were still under the plastic. It’s that feeling whe felt during the process.

Even though it is the first graphic pack released by, you will still be able to find logo for every playable team in the game and many more. Did you just download an african database & start a game with Cape Town City ? Worry not, you already got that logo.

Logos for competitions & nations are also included of course.

This style suits best the dark theme.

We want particularly thanks aka_wizard who allowed us to use his default pack as basis to our work.


Here a little summary of number of logos included in the pack.

Africa: Almost 2000 Clubs Logos
Asia : Almost 4150 Clubs Logos
Océania : Almost 350 Clubs Logos
North America & Caribbean : Almost 2150 Clubs Logos
South America : Almost 3200 Clubs Logos
Europa : Almost 26 800 Logos Clubs
Nations: Almost 300 Logos
Competitions : Almost on 2340 Logos

TOTAL[/u] : Almost 42 000 Logos


Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4
Screen 5


Update Content SizeLink
Update 1 Upgrade of missing logo to 17/18 season2Mo


Blister’18 is property of website. It’s avalaible for free. You can use it for free usage or personal use. If you want to share this content on your website please contact Groot. Please don’t host yourself the pack. You can share OUR download link if we allow you but please add a linkback to our site.


This pack is still in progress. So if you find a club who’s missing or a competition or others, Just PM us. Contact us also if you find a club with the wrong logo. I’m sure you know what’s represent this logopack. So unfortunately we cannot review all championship for changes.

Finally be aware that an update will be release later around the official release to to fix any problems and add flags.

For more information, visit our website : FMStories
Follow us on Twitter : @FMSFrench
Contact in PM : @Groot
Contact on FMScout : @MarvinTic


- Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

- Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\
- Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.
If you're installing an updated version, simply overwrite everything.

- Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface:
- Hit the [Clear Cache] button
- Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences
- Hit the [Reload Skin] button

Download Now
Downloads: 15451 / Size: 1.6 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
MarvinTic's avatar
About MarvinTic

I'm french student in engineering school and Graphics it's a hobby for me ! I'm one of the FM Club administrator (French fan site)

Discussion: Blister'18 Logos Megapack by

32 comments have been posted so far.

  • lorenzo81's avatar
    Hi marvin, shabab al-ahli dubai fc logo is missing... Is this same with al-ahli uae, because i search and nothing
    Thanks, your logopack is the best for me
  • Yastermu's avatar
    I'm having trouble downloading this file. I keep getting a "Network Error" Other files have been downloading fine
  • Yastermu's avatar
    I'm having trouble downloading this file. I keep getting a "Network Error" Other files have been downloading fine
  • Skilz's avatar
    Oh the pack was called Suede instead of sweden for me my foult cinda.
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    Added on the WIP List but mate Swedish Allsvenskan Superettan Second tier and Division 2 is already made
  • Skilz's avatar
    Chould you please add Swedish Allsvenska and second tier team and 3erd tier league maybi :)
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    yes mate :)
  • Josef007's avatar
    u make the israeli ligue logo in this pack?
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    no it's a mistake which i fix really soon :) if you want fix it manually delete pic 1687 and copy paste 1666 one and change the name i'll try to release update pak this week mate :)
  • mikkel2611's avatar
    Great work
    But am I the only person having problems with Atletico Madrid having their old logo in the game??
  • dimivespa's avatar
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    Glad to know this pack's return looks good. Some update will be released through the year mate
  • Elvoezi's avatar
    Made an account just to say thanks for this logopack, logos look amazing!
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    Update are different name so you have just to put update folder directly in logo folder :)
  • bageez's avatar
    What do you mean by overwrite? And how do you do it?
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    it's added on the list @Afroholic and be fixed in the next update
  • Afroholic's avatar
    First of all thx for logos ,
    I want to say that the Turkish team Galatasaray got 4 stars at his logo in real life and these are important situations for fans. Could u update it pls ?
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    thanks Ducc, we will proceed to some corrections after the release of FM18
  • ducc's avatar
    Its a big job to put together a large logopack (even if rehashing another pack), but there are quite a few outdated logos in this one.
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    added on the list @Koroshiya, Next release around 10/11
  • Koroshiya's avatar
    Great Job!

    Will there Updates for Germany, too? Espacially for my Club, 1.FC Köln (FC Cologne), one of the few german Clubs without this cool effect :(
  • MarvinTic's avatar
    After research seems winrar &Winzip are in trouble, we recommend you 7zip to unzip the pack !
  • richz555's avatar
    can't extract man, always says error
  • gate13's avatar
    Thanks MarvinTic, silly question but last one. The one is 3D in the picture but the Dasz8 ones are not. Are the 3D trophies in the folder too?
  • MarvinTic's avatar

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