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DF11 Faces 2017-2018

Over 94.500 LARGE faces in authentic PORTRAIT style / Covering all playable leagues in Football Manager / MONTHLY updates / Many skins / All NEW season 2017-2018 UPDATES available

By Updated on Oct 15, 2017   675621 views   236 comments
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Downloads: 296042 / Size: 4.3 GB / Added: 2016-10-18
Football Manager 2017 Facepacks - DF11 Faces 2017-2018

Good to know

* DF11 Facepacks create unique large sized faces for 'Football Manager' since 2010.

* There are almost 100.000 DF11 faces available.

* These faces cover 82 playable leagues in Football Manager.

* The DF11 faces will work with all version of Football Manager from FM2008 onwards.

* The DF11 Graphics team do release new updates every month!

* Download the DF11 Megapack first (Follow the re-link / Click the red button on top).

* Download & install all DF11 update packs.

* Amazing skins and DF11 panels available.

* DF11 downloads are completely free -for personal use - in Football Manager.

* Facebook & help service available.



Follow the red Download Now button on top.
Normal & Torrent downloads available


New DF11 updates available in the FM2018 section
Keep updating your DF11 Megapack by following the monthly updates.



  • DF11 panels compatible for all resolutions
  • These panels display DF11 faces in original (260x310) LARGE size
  • DF11 Faces normally work in all skins.
  • Most skins with DF11 option on board display DF11 Faces in large size.
  • Credits to the original authors of these skins. We only share these for our users.

Download DF11 panels --------------------- Download CFM skin

Download Flut Dark skin ----------------------- Download TCS skin

Download Vitrex skin (incl. DF11 mod) ------- TheTempo skin

----- Download OPZ skin -------------------- Download Andromeda skin

----- Download Clinched skin -------------------- Download Andromeda Blue


There are even more skins available on the DF11 website!



Overview 82 leagues

List of Leagues is based on a minimum coverage of 75%.
Leagues with a lower coverage are not mentioned in this list, although they are still included to the pack.



Choose a DF11 Default face to appear in game when a DF11 face is missing.
This addon will give your FM game a more uniform look!
26 default faces available.

> Download <



All content shown on this page is property of DF11 Facepacks/
and may only be shared with written permission from the original author 'necjeff'.

Credits to 'DF11 Graphics team' for their enormous contribution to the development of DF11 Faces in general.

Current DF11 team members:
Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, marklf, Clowntje, Copywriter, Bm, Leonardo B, Haas67, Vilhena,
Orthodox, Florian W, Vlad Ultras, explodingsheep, M. Stroe and necjeff


  • To Stam/FMSCOUT for sharing our work from beginning many years ago.
  • To 'ArtDekDok' for creating the DF11 panels since many years.
  • To all skin creators in the FM Community for their fabulous work.

Download Now
Downloads: 296042 / Size: 4.3 GB / Added: 2016-10-18
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Discussion: DF11 Faces 2017-2018

236 comments have been posted so far.

  • necjeff's avatar
    iSabato ==> They all have a great beard! :)

    You better ask Emil for the solution here:
  • iSabato's avatar

    My manager and regen faces looks like this; anyone know what is the issue?
  • necjeff's avatar
    GMCG178 ==> We can only add faces for players who are available in the official database.

    You can use this face for Billy Gilmour in your own pack if you like ;)

  • GMCG178's avatar
    Not sure if it's possible to add a face for a player who isn't officially in the game but is on a data update I use. His name is Billy Gilmour who plays for Rangers.
  • necjeff's avatar
    Mesut ==> Unfortunately you did something wrong.

    The fact that you dont have a config file, means that you didnt follow the steps correctly.

    - Place the 3 rar parts of the megapack all together in 1 empty folder.
    - extract PART 1 with WINRAR.
    - Done.

    Winrar will automatically extract part 2 and part 3 because they are connected with Part 1.

    You will find a config file in the pack when ready.

    - Set the ingame settings correctly and you are ready to go.
  • mesut_ozil11's avatar
    I dowonloaded the all 3 parts, I did everything that is writing and it did'nt work. Why? I have to download all the parts too? And I saw that I don't have config file, that's the problem?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @mesut => no that's isnt normal.
    Please check the page for detailed instructions.
  • mesut_ozil11's avatar
    Is it normal that the RAR opening of every part takes me about 6 hours?
  • Cvija's avatar
    Thanks :)
  • necjeff's avatar
    RiShax => Thanks for your sharp eye ;). Correct name added :)

    Cvija => There will be a icon pack available soon. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  • RiShaX's avatar
    hey, in overview leagues theres that the czech league is called 'Gambrinus Liga' but thats not true, its called diferently this season
  • Cvija's avatar
  • necjeff's avatar
    Thanks GMCG178. I will included Josh Sims to the next update.

  • GMCG178's avatar
    For the next update the only one I have noticed is young Josh Sims from Southampton.
  • GMCG178's avatar
    Thanks for updating Rangers and Manchester United. Great work and honestly very much appreciated.
  • pikawa's avatar
    As always - fantastic work!
  • Bashy345's avatar
    I mean like i downloaded the full version the the monthly updates and extracted them in order but some of the faces are not loaded
  • necjeff's avatar
    @Bashy345 ==> I can't say more than already written in the post on top. (all in monthly order) ;)

    @Difis2000 ==> You will have to activate the option 'Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning'.
    This option is available in the Football Manager settings 'Preferences' - 'Interface'.
  • Bashy345's avatar
    Hello I downloaded the full one would i need to download the update packs from July to January or just January
  • Difis2000's avatar
    hi can you tell me how can i see an id from a player
  • GMCG178's avatar
    For the next update can you update the Rangers squad please. Love your work. Simply the best!

    If you can as well some of the youth team for Manchester United.
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hi Manu, please send me the link of the correct image for Harit + his FM player ID.

    I will send you the fix and include the fix also in the next update pack.
  • manu4472's avatar
    Hi! On DF 11 faces, in France, FC Nantes, there is a mistake Amine Harit, how to change? thank you.
  • Lana's avatar
    Thanks @necjeff : )
  • necjeff's avatar
    @Lana >> will fix it in next update and send you the new image when ready. Thanks!

    @portvale1994pvfc >> I suggest to follow the update guide wich is availble in the topic on top of this page.
    or have a look at our website for even more detailed instructions and help.

    Just make sure to drop only the faces + config file into your DF11 Megapack folder to overwrite the existing ones.
    Never drop the update folder in your DF11 Megapack folder, because that won't work.

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