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DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018

Nearly 100.000 unique portrait faces / Large sized 260x310 px) / Covers at least 82 leagues with players, staff and board / Constant monthly updates since 2010 (!) / Matching mods & skins available.

By on Nov 03, 2017   Dec 12, 2017   114414 views   106 comments
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Downloads: 46914 / Size: 9.0 GB / Added: 2017-11-03
Football Manager 2018 Facepacks - DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018

- 1.5 million downloads world wide -

- About DF11 Facepacks -

The DF11 Facepack is one of the running facepack projects since 2010
with constant updates every month!

  • Nearly 100.000 large sized faces (players, staff, chairmen, refs, etc)

  • The Megapack & updates are optimized for FM2018.

  • Covering at least 82(!) playable leagues in Football Manager.
  • DF11 faces work in all version of Football Manager

  • Releasing new faces every month!

  • Compatible with any skin of all versions of Football Manager

  • Special modified skins for DF11 faces available

  • DF11 faces are free -for personal use - in Football Manager

  • Help service available


- Megapack -

* Follow the red button on top *

- Choose the download option of your choice.
- Follow the (easy) install guide step by step.


- DF11 Update packs 2018 -

  • Your DF11 Megapack will never get outdated when updating it every month
  • Download all the updates
  • Refresh your DF11 Megapack in monthly order

1 - Update 1 - DOWNLOAD / Preview (released september 1)

2 - Update 2 - DOWNLOAD / Preview (released october 1)

3 - Update 3 - DOWNLOAD / Preview (released november 4)

4 - Update 4 - DOWNLOAD / Preview (released december 1) NEW!

5 - Update 5 - Available on januari 2, 2018


- DF11 modified skins 2018 -

Take note that DF11 faces do work in all skins.
The following skins are modified to display the DF11 faces in original large size (260x310) on several screens in game.


- New DF11 Default faces 2018 -

These DF11 default faces are compatible with FM2018 only.

Several roles in FM2018 will have their own DF11 default face.
You can choose different DF11 default faces to show up for:

  • Missing player
  • Missing manager
  • Missing sfaff
  • Missing referee (and other persons)

Several different faces are already included into this first version.

Easy instructions are included to the download.


- Copyrights & Credits -

All content shown on this page is property of DF11 Facepacks/
Like to share DF11 faces? Contact necjeff.

Credits to 'DF11 Graphics team' for their enormous contribution to the development of DF11 Faces in general.

Current DF11 team members:
Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, marklf, REBO, Copywriter, Bm, Leonardo B, Haas67, Vilhena, J__ames, Vlad Ultras, explodingsheep, Nick1305, Joshua, Knibbe, Américo Monteiro, Seb Thompsson and necjeff

To Stam/FMSCOUT for sharing the DF11 faces since 2012.
To all skin creators in the FM Community for their fabulous work.

Download Now
Downloads: 46914 / Size: 9.0 GB / Added: 2017-11-03

Discussion: DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018

106 comments have been posted so far.

  • jenyas's avatar
    Any one having issue with the 18.2.0 update the facepacks stop working
  • necjeff's avatar

    I agree m8.
    Critisism is fine when people intent to improve and contribute to the project . :)

    About Larsson and St.Juste. They do have a new face already.
    If you see the old faces for these players it means:
    - Perhaps you missed a update
    - Perhaps the updates weren't installed in the specific way they have to be.

    About low resolution images:
    Everyone can contribute to the DF11 project by sending improved and missing faces. That's what it's all about. We manage the DF11 project, but we can't do it without the help of kind people like you.

    Have a look at the DF11 website and please...... send us improved, missing and outdated images. Thanks in advange :)

    Right on top of the website you even see a Dutch flag. This means we can communicate in our home language.
    (kunnen we gelijk kijken wat er mis is gegaan bij de installatie vd updates)


  • StojC's avatar
    Dear necjeff,

    as you can see I started my comments with GOOD JOB!
    I really do appreciate the work of your team.

    As I see a lot: if you do some hard work nobody is allowed to make some comments with a little critisism?

    Some players have a very unfocussed picure, like it was cropped from a teamfoto so it has very low resolution. I found a better one in a few seconds.

    I am playing in the Eredivisie in The Netherlands and, for example, Sam Larsson and Jeremiah St Juste of Feyenoord still wear their Heerenveen shirt, the team the were with last season.

    For your request about better pictures: I tried to upload some, but FMScout didn't place them on the website. Where can I send them to you? I have all the Feyenoord players, 1st team, B-team and Youth.

    With respect for all your hard work.

    P.S.: reading your name (necjeff) I can imagine you are with NEC Nijmegen (just maybe :) , so don't give me that brainless anti-other-team crap. I'm a Feyenoord-fan, but I do'nt hate any other teams...
  • necjeff's avatar
    @yury veiga;

    Please check the post on top of this page or have a visit at:

    Thanks for your support! :)
  • yury veiga's avatar
    any update since 1/12?
  • jorginio's avatar
    The best!!!
    Thank you
  • necjeff's avatar
    What anerfa means is that you have to wait a couple more minutes, without doing anything, when the extracting of the Megapack seems finished.

    I assume you have tried to clear cache and set the ingame setting correctly as written in the guides as well?
  • deaquino's avatar

    I try what you say, but never get 10,05 GB. With update is 9,72.

    Skins also dont work in my game. I've tried the games skins, but didn't work.
    I also tried the config file, but nothing.
  • necjeff's avatar

    Thanks for your comment. Do you have a small more specific describtion of it?
    I would like use your comment on our help page for others :)
  • anerfa's avatar
    i have same problem, but i know the problem is your extract not complete, i try 5x times to extract rar, try extract rar until your folder have 10,05 GB, GOODLUCK!

  • necjeff's avatar
    No worries it will also work for you finally ;)

    It's a FM18 related problem. I think it's the cache of FM18.

    Some people had similar issue like you have. Their comments are on the bottom of page 2 and further down to page 3 of this topic.

    I remember someone did switch to several (custom) skins and than it worked. Give it a try :)

    EDIT: I uploaded a new config file. Just in case the config file of your Megapack isn't working properly.
    config file (tick on the box 'i understand....'+ download)
  • deaquino's avatar
    Thanks, but not work. :(
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hey Deaquino,
    Please check the help page first for possible solutions. Perhaps the solution for your problem is there :).

    (4th textbox - "Faces aren't visible".)
  • deaquino's avatar
    Not working in my game.
    I've trying put the faces in "graphics" and in "players", but dont work.
  • necjeff's avatar
    @kevcr; Why remove the Megapack? You need the Megapack.
    You only have to extract all files from the updates into the DF11 Megapack folder. That's it ;)
  • kevcr's avatar
    OK, I will remove the megapack and download it again using the direct download link from our friends at then proceed to install the monthly updates. Will keep you posted
  • necjeff's avatar
    Yeh.That's the wrong one for Bale.

    This means the updates aren't installed correctly and therefore you don't see the new season 2017/2018 faces.

    Check how to install the updates:
  • kevcr's avatar
    Gareth Bale
  • kevcr's avatar
    As you can see Jedinak is still in Crystal Palace kit
  • necjeff's avatar

    No worries ;)

    Can you post a screenshot of Gareth bale's face in game? (or just tell if you see the new 2017 or 2016 face)
    Just for me to see the latest DF11 update is working correctly in your game.

    The skins we use for large images on player profile are available on the DF11 website but also here on fmscout.
    For example: DF11 Base skins, Andromeda skins, Flut, Aurum and some more
  • kevcr's avatar
    @necjeff in a pickle. I deleted everything from documents/footballmanager18/graphics

    Then I downloaded the 17/18 megapack, transferred them to the same folder above, then done the same with the updates, reloaded the skin and the Aston Villa squad is still same. Strange


    What skin are you using for the larger pics to be shown in the player profile?

    I didn't mean to sound ungrateful and I appreciate the hard work that's went into these graphics. :D
  • necjeff's avatar

    I can see you have no idea what you talking about.

    For that i will ignore your comments that are an insult to the hard work of my team.
    People - volunteers - who spend their precious spare time in creating faces with the best quality images available on the internet.

    Feel free to send better images as much as you can:

    I'm always happy to create new faces when people send images in better quality.
  • StojC's avatar
    By the way: why call it 2018 when the pictures are from last season?
  • StojC's avatar
    Good job!
    Lots of bad quality pics though...
  • necjeff's avatar

    Perhaps you missed the latest update or didn't install it correctly.

    All 1st team players have a face.
    Even most of the Under 23 squad players have a DF11 face ;)

    Any request can be done from our website:

    Please check the update page for the correct install instructions of the update packs.

    Hope this completes your Aston Villa squad in game. :)

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