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DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

Over 123,300 large portrait style faces / Covering all playable leagues in FM2019 / Every Month a new update / Update pack 9 (Release date June 2) out now!

By Updated on Jun 16, 2019   497236 views   96 comments
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Downloads: 227679 / Size: 9.9 GB / Added: 2018-10-04
Football Manager 2019 Facepacks - DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

Get ready for FM2019 with over 123,300 DF11 faces
covering all playable leagues in Football Manager 2019
and all previous versions of the game.


Simply follow the red download button on top
and choose the download option of your choice.

Easy DF11 install guides (in multiple languages) are attached to the download.


(Click the image to view the full size)

Note: The DF11 Base skins (including DF11 panels)
are available for download now.

Take note that most custom skins do have the DF11 option on board already.



123,300 faces / 84 leagues / Index overview

We release monthly updates since 2012 to expand and refresh your
DF11 Megapack even further with fresh new faces.


1 - Update 1 (September 2018) - DOWNLOAD

2 - Update 2 (October 2018) - DOWNLOAD

3 - Update 3 (November 2018) - DOWNLOAD

4 - Update 4 (December 2018) - DOWNLOAD

5 - Update 5 (January 2019) - DOWNLOAD

6 - Update 6 (February 2019) - DOWNLOAD

7 - Update 7 (March 2019) - DOWNLOAD

8 - Update 8 (April 2019) - DOWNLOAD

9 Release date: June 1 - Update 9 (May 2019) - DOWNLOAD
(more download options available at the DF11 website)

10 - Update 10 (June 2019) = Work in progress (Date of release - July 2, 2019)


To install the DF11 updates correctly please use the detailed DF11 Update guide.
(Available in multiple languages: English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Korean, Danish, Indonesian, Turkish, Chinese, Greek)

Requests >> Did we miss your favorite player or did you find a face that is too old?
Please be helpful and send your request via the DF11 'Request webpage'.


Do I need all the DF11 updates?
- Yes.
Every update pack is a must-have to keep your DF11 Megapack as updated as possible.

Do the extra graphics (faces, logos, kits etc etc) slow down the game?
- Certainly not.
Once loaded, Football manager will process the game as usual.



Huge thanks to everyone involved in the DF11 project for their contribution
to the development of DF11 Faces in general over the years.

Current DF11 team members:
Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, REBO, Herthos, Endang Any, Haas67, Meuh,
explodingsheep, Seb Thompsson, Roderu, Gunner_BR, Orthodox, Joe and necjeff.


* Stam/FMSCOUT for sharing the DF11 faces frequently since 2012 on his website.
* All skin creators in the FM Community for their fabulous work.
* The amazing members of the DF11 team.
* Our loyal users and partner websites for their massive support over the years.


All content shown on this page is property of

Please contact necjeff when you like to share
the DF11 faces on your website or in any other manner.

Download Now
Downloads: 227679 / Size: 9.9 GB / Added: 2018-10-04
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Discussion: DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

96 comments have been posted so far.

  • necjeff's avatar
    Sorry for the delay guys.
    The new update (nr.9) is available for download!

    It mainly contains all team faces for Armenia, Kazachstan and South Korea leagues!

    This update takes the amount of DF11 faces over 123,300 in total!

  • GMCG178's avatar
    When's the next release?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @KTBFFH =>> Thanks for mentioning!
    This will be fixed in the upcoming update of June 1. :)
  • KTBFFH's avatar
    Hearts (Scotland) player Aaron Hicky has the wrong photo, he has the photo of Aaron Hughes (also a Hearts player) instead.

    this is Aaron Hicky. Knew something was wrong when I saw an 18 year old had a full beard and grey hair everywhere lol
  • necjeff's avatar
    @wubear >> Heiy mate. The issue was fixed long time ago ;)

    Seems you missed update nr.2 - OR - perhaps you made a mistake while installing the updates. (nr.2) (install guide)
  • wubear's avatar
    I noticed an error in one of the pictures being used for Ben Davies. The Ben Davies of Preston North End picture, is the same picture as the Ben Davies of Tottenham. Just thought to let you know. Thought it was weird seeing a twin of Ben Davies. May have been changed in the updates but wanted to make you guys aware of it.
  • lucastana's avatar
    please, make more of brazil serie b,c, d ty
  • GMCG178's avatar
    Thanks for updating Rangers in last update, very much appreciated.

    Only thing I've noticed is Dylan Levitt of Manchester United photo is used for him and Charlie McCann of United also. Same thing for Ethan Laird, his photo is used him and Teden Mengi. Great work as always.
  • necjeff's avatar
    @Rick Guedes >> Both statements are incorrect. (of course it works)

    Please make sure you have followed the instructions precisely as written in the guides.
    (Megapack + Updates)

    If the problem stays, you can have a look for solutions at the DF11 Help page.

    Use the contact form on the DF11 website if you tried all without result :) .
  • Rick Guedes's avatar
    either they don't work or there are no brazillian team players
  • necjeff's avatar

    I'm sorry mate.
    At the moment these are not our priority.

    You can speed up the creating process by sending the images + ID's via the request form:


  • WarriorJeff's avatar
    can kindly add arsenal youth team player and Singapore league payers
  • GMCG178's avatar
    Could you please add updated profiles of Steven Gerrard, Matt Polster, Glen Kamara, Steven Davis and Jermain Defoe of Rangers. Thanks.
  • Xherdan's avatar
    Update 18-19 Barca B?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @beatsfm >> It's an FM related problem since 10 years ;)
    The solution is available here >>

    @Rico527 >> Please send us all the 3000 images+ID's for Brazil Serie B, C and D :)
    Unfortunately our spare time is very limited.
  • beastfm's avatar
    Every time I try to look some player on a national team or when managing a national team the faces don't appear, how can I solve this?
  • Rico527's avatar

    1 - Campeonato Brasileiro - Série A
    2 - Campeonato Brasileiro - Série B
    3 - Campeonato Brasileiro - Série C
    4 - Campeonato Brasileiro - Série D
    5 - Non-League - State Championship's
  • necjeff's avatar
    @GucciConner > Please google 'How to create a new config file for Football Manager facepack' :)
  • GucciConnor's avatar
    How do you create a new config?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @GucciConnor >> Please read the posts below from mr_jones.
    He did create a new config file which solved the problem for him. :)

    @mr_jones >> Good to see you solved it already! :-D
  • GucciConnor's avatar
    Hi, always use your pack, but haven't updated in a while. I just did now all my player faces have gone, any help?
  • mr_jones's avatar
    Problem solved. Was an issue with the config data after the update. I had to do a new config for the Pictures and now theyre back in the game.
  • mr_jones's avatar
    hey. i really like the DF Face Packs and really appreciate your work. i've downloaded the pack and all the updates.

    now my issue. today i've downloaded the february update and now all the faces from the standard pack and updates in my game are gone. is it because of the new update or what went wrong?
  • necjeff's avatar

    Thanks for your kind words m8.

    Please follow the instructions as shown on the update page.

    You will see the Sheffield faces after installing all the updates. :)
  • burts11's avatar
    Amazing work, thank you for all of your efforts and quality making the game 100% better. I use your facepacks and your skin.

    if possible could you please add face pictures for Sheffield United. Thanks

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