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DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

Over 116,900 large portrait style faces / Covering 79 playable leagues in FM2019 / Every Month a new update / Update pack 5 (4480 faces from January) out now!

By Updated on Feb 03, 2019   332128 views   69 comments
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Downloads: 152575 / Size: 9.9 GB / Added: 2018-10-04
Football Manager 2019 Facepacks - DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

Get ready for FM2019 with over 116,900 DF11 faces
covering 77 playable leagues in Football Manager 2019
and all previous versions of the game.


Simply follow the red download button on top
and choose the download option of your choice.

Easy DF11 install guides (in multiple languages) are attached to the download.


(Click the image to view the full size)

Note: The DF11 Base skins (including DF11 panels)
are available for download now.

Take note that most custom skins do have the DF11 option on board already.



116,900 faces / 77 leagues / Index overview

We release monthly updates since 2012 to expand and refresh your
DF11 Megapack even further with fresh new faces.


1 - Update 1 (September 2018) - DOWNLOAD

2 - Update 2 (October 2018) - DOWNLOAD

3 - Update 3 (November 2018) - DOWNLOAD

4 - Update 4 (December 2018) - DOWNLOAD

5 - Update 5 (January 2019) - DOWNLOAD
(other download options available on the DF11 website)

6 - Update 6 (February 2019) = Work in progress (Date of release - March 2, 2019)


To install the DF11 updates correctly please use the detailed DF11 Update guide.
(Available in multiple languages: English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Korean, Danish, Indonesian)

Did we miss your favorite player or did you find a face that is too old?
Please be helpful and send your request via the DF11 'Request webpage'.


Do I need all the DF11 updates?
- Yes.
Every update pack is a must-have to keep your DF11 Megapack as updated as possible.

Do the extra graphics (faces, logos, kits etc etc) slow down the game?
- Certainly not.
Once loaded, Football manager will process the game as usual.



Huge thanks to everyone involved in the DF11 project for their contribution
to the development of DF11 Faces in general over the years.

Current DF11 team members:
Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, REBO, Herthos, Endang Any, Haas67, Meuh,
explodingsheep, Seb Thompsson, Roderu, Gunner_BR, Orthodox, Joe and necjeff.


* Stam/FMSCOUT for sharing the DF11 faces frequently since 2012 on his website.
* All skin creators in the FM Community for their fabulous work.
* The amazing members of the DF11 team.
* Our loyal users and partner websites for their massive support over the years.


All content shown on this page is property of

Please contact necjeff when you like to share
the DF11 faces on your website or in any other manner.

Download Now
Downloads: 152575 / Size: 9.9 GB / Added: 2018-10-04
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Discussion: DF11 Faces Megapack & Updates 2018-2019

69 comments have been posted so far.

  • necjeff's avatar

    Yes you can :)
    Please use the 'Request form' on the website:
  • DRMoreira04's avatar
    First of all, great facepack, congratulations guys! Nicolo Barellà, Alberto Cerri and others Italian players aren't in this updates. Can we have this in Update 6?
  • necjeff's avatar
    Update pack for January 2019 available.

    Request page - Open for serious requests
  • markdhoy's avatar
    downloaded the update for feb .Before you ask ,yes i installed it correctly ,Rooney still with Everton shirt ,most of the Heart of Midlothian team (still with previous club strips)Berra,Sean Claire,michael smith,theres a lot more .could you please fix .Much appreciated
  • markdhoy's avatar
    Where's the Feb 2nd update ?when will it be ready? its cool found it on df11 page
  • necjeff's avatar

    Hi Corry,
    Perhaps you did place the graphics in the wrong 'graphics' folder for FM?

    Another option is that you did not install the DF11 update packs correctly.

    Hope you find out what went wrong.

    More info:
  • corryboy85's avatar
    ok i got a problem my kits and badges are working fine but face packs are not working at all Ive deleted the facepack file and put it back in do the preferences stuff in game and it still wont work
    can someone please help me
  • necjeff's avatar
    @ IvServin; Have a look at our websites database to find out if we have faces for Inter.

    Also check what went wrong by re-following the install guide :)

    In fact all the answers are on our website ;)

    @GMCG178; Thanks m8. We are happy to complete the Scottish League with nice new portraits for Rangers. :)
  • IvServin's avatar
    Sorry, I have a question. I downloaded this faces´s pack and works so good, but not in my team: Inter. Has this pack faces for Inter team?
  • GMCG178's avatar
    Great work, really appreciate the update on the Rangers squad.
  • rybo9120's avatar
    Thanks Rebo
  • Rebo's avatar
    @rybo9120 - Hi - I work for DF11 and have found some NEW images for Rangers FC.
    Will do my best, to have them included in in the next update.
  • rybo9120's avatar
    Hi Necjeff

    Just looked at their website and I agree with you there. Such a disappointment. Is there no other images you can use? I would be willing to help look for them?
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hey Rybo9120.

    Rangers FC is the only Scottish team with awful images on their website.
    We can't use that :)
  • rybo9120's avatar
    Hi, just wondering if Rangers FC new pictures will be included in the next update as most of the SPL was done in update 3 but not Rangers?
  • necjeff's avatar

    Yes you can use this DF11 facepack in all versions of Football Manager.

    Wanna see DF11 faces in FM2015 in large size?
    - Download the DF11 panels for FM2015 & follow the install guide.
  • benzard's avatar
    Can I use FM2015?
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hi 'unitedarestillthebest',

    I received your message.
    I did message you back this evening.

    Sorry for my late response!

    Hope we can do something and find good new images for Luton Town. ;)

    Regards, Jeff
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    Hi Jeff did you get my email I sent you about the Luton players
  • necjeff's avatar
    We can't create faces from words. :)

    Send the images + ID's please:
  • Dandidior's avatar
    Hello Boss!! I hope You put TONALI,Kephren THURAM and other wonderkids!!!:)
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hi Bywater77,

    Yes those images are good.
    Thank you for your help. (Y)

    Right-mouse click the image and save all Sunderland player/staff images in the same folder.
    Rename the file with the player-ID instead of player name :)

    That's all.

    Zipp the folder when done and send it via our website. We will create the new faces for Sunderland.\

    For your work, your name will appear in the credit list of the new update :) .

    You can send the 'zipped'folder via our website or via a download link. (Mediafire or so)

  • Bywater77's avatar
    Necjeff [img][/img] is this what you need for sunderland 1st team squad pics
  • necjeff's avatar
    Fucking Unbelievable.....
  • lucastana's avatar
    please fix brasil league A, B, C....we need more pictures for the players, ty alot !

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